April 2019 Webull Standings

This is the last month of the competition. There have been some major improvements for most participants, but it doesn’t look good for those that got mixed up in penny stocks. I haven’t made any more trades since I got lucky on Goldman Sachs in December, and Julia’s College Fund has not made any trades at all! You can check the links for November, December, January, February, and March to see how everyone has been doing.

  • Derp Reporter $1,112,847.49
  • Credible: $1,103,961.39
  • Mjv305: $1,095,955.91
  • Sheep Doggy Dog: 1,061,984.07
  • BC: $1,051,871.40
  • Julia’s College Fund: $1,000,000 (No Trades)
  • Jouster: $999,581.36
  • Magoo: $956,546.49
  • Heim Time: $607,799.48

Sheep Doggy Dog is having problems navagating his updated app, but as of lasts screenshot he had 28,571 shares of UGL at $37.17 a share for $1,061,984.07. Email me if you got yours! and use my link here if you want to open your own Webull account.


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