Get Diamond Caesars Rewards Without Gambling

Hilton Diamond via AmEx Aspire is the key to status matching with Wyndham and the status matching to Diamond Caesars. Ask Sebby has other ways listed here. Two years ago I had a stay at Caesars Palace and wanted to get the $44.21 daily resort fee waived so I went for Founders Card. The damn match took 4 weeks and I ended up paying the fees anyways and the whole thing was a bust.

The whole debacle with Fyre Festival, and its relationship to a fake status card called Magnises have left may people to ignore the many pay for status type cards. Founders Card and Select are some of these cards that I have. Everyone rolls their eyes or cackles when I even suggest getting this one card:

However I was sold on it by Mr. Meb Faber and his podcast. For the American Airlines Platnum status match alone the card is worth it, but sadly I wasted my once in 5 year challenge some years ago not knowing of the 5 year status match ban.

Caesars Dubai

I had failed at getting any benefit from the card those first few months. Now how am I going to justify the $295 annual fee for this card? Turns out the Caesars Rewards Diamond status comes with a free annual $100 dining credit, along with random free rooms because they think I am some casino whale:

Best part is the status comes with a one time 3 (or 4) night stay in the Bahamas at Atlantis. Sadly, only Diamond members (real ones, not matched status like FC) get two free nights in Dubai at the New Caesars in Dubai Blue waters. This is more than enough to justify the $295 annual fee, for the first year at least. If you use my link here you can get your own founders card. Make sure you mention you are military to waive the $95 initiation fee.

The perpetual benefit is the waiver of any resort and amenity fees associated with booking at any Cesars Resort. I was given a comp night at the Joliet location so that I could reap the benefit of my $100 dining credit. I was given the room with out any parking or amenity fees:

This fee waiver is critical in a place like Las Vegas where a week long stay would cost you $300+ in resort fees. There were plenty of Comp rooms in Atlantic city as well:

I plan on attempting my M Life Status match there for Hyatt status. Even after two years of FC membership, I am still on the fence if I should go for a third year because I don’t find myself at these resorts as much as when I was a D.I.N.K. H.E.N.R.Y, but I was able to milk it for these first two years! If you have time then play th estaus match game:

  1. Get AmEx Platinum or Hilton Aspire to Get Hilton Status
    1. Or Get the IHG Premier from Chase
  2. Then Status Match Wyndham Diamond Using This Form
  3. Then use this site to Match Wyndham Diamond to Caesars
  4. Go to Atlantic city and:
    1. Get M Life Gold at Borgatta
    2. Back Match M Life Gold to Hyatt Explorist
    3. Go to Hard Rock and be rock royalty
      1. Enjoy a free buffet and $100 in free play

If you are in it for the free buffet as a one time benefit, check out the Salute program for Caesars.


8 thoughts on “Get Diamond Caesars Rewards Without Gambling

  1. Himo says:
    Can get status match at Oceans casino in AC too. $75 free slots and 2 nights

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      thanks for the heads up! You think I should hit this up first, then upgrade with status match for two more nights?

      • Himo says:

        You can do two at the same time. Just present both military or veteran ID and Caesars Diamond card. Normal honor card without status match is a Oceans Gold. i I got a platinum Honor card with status match.

        Btw honor card has a Benefit that even black card doesn’t automatically hv: one monthly free free night (Sun-Thu only)

        Can combine with the 2 free night offer. Can’t use night right after matching though. Take a week ish to kick it

  2. Tim C says:

    Is the status match to Caesars only good for one year?

  3. Rob C says:

    So did I read this right? With the FC I am an American Airlines Platinum status?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      It’s a status challenge, every quarter they offer something with AA, right now it’s points with surpass, but hopefully by September it will be this: We are excited to announce our new benefit from American Airlines.

      Enroll by September 4, 2017 and receive automatic complimentary AAdvantage® Platinum Status from September 17, 2017 to December 17, 2017.

      Fulfill the challenge criteria and you get to keep your status until January 31, 2019!

  4. […] Once booked I received an email in Spanish/English with a useless Iberia record locator. I called American Airlines and they were able to look up the American Airlines Record Locator as well as put in my Cathy Pacific number to give myself Ruby Status for the flight. I bought this status with my Founders Card. […]

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