MLA for Citi Prestige Now Off? (Now Back On)

O-6 reader and Busyboy reporting that waivers are coming in retroactive to meet the MLA requirements. Those that opened the card after Oct 2017 and were charged the fee are getting the fee back! Busy boy writes:

Mine got waived today for the citi executive. But they told me when i applied from last year when i first got approved for the cc they said i qualified for MLA but they wont waived the fees. I already accepted that they wont ever waived it but to my surprise it was waived :). Account opened last year.

Here is the original article:

I am getting conflicting data points here. Reader Tim C. on 11 March 2019 says:

Just to let everyone know. I just applied for the citi prestige and got approved for the MLA benefits. However, they told me that they would not be waiving the annual fee because the interest on the card had not reached 36%. It was extremely confusing and very unfortunate to hear. Does anyone have any advice on how else to get it waived?

However at the same time reader Jesus on 08 March 2019 writes:

Submitted required docs to Citi last Friday MLA credit for $495 applied Monday for the Citi Prestige. Account was opened 2 weeks ago.

Redditor FB1088 writes on 11 Mar 2018:

My AA Exec was opened July 2018. I emailed them regarding MLA and they sent me a letter on 5 March saying it qualified for MLA. My brand new Prestige fee was waived the same statement the fee was applied.

It looks like some people are getting waivers while others are not. The same thing seems to be going on for the American Airlines Executive Card. Let’s put all the data points on this one post here.

Update: Reader Ryan says:

Try lowering your credit limit. They probably use some sort of formula to determine if your effective interest rate is less than 36% based on credit limit and annual fee. For example:  APR + (495/CL) < 0.36; So if your APR is 20% (0.2), then you would want your CL to be $3000 or lower. Just a theory but I think it makes sense…

This was a trick to do with the Ritz card, if you can get your credit limit to be less than two times the annual fee then they can’t charge you the annual fee. It is written up here. It’s just that we are using the 36% cap per the MLA.


26 thoughts on “MLA for Citi Prestige Now Off? (Now Back On)

  1. Dave says:

    Well this is disappointing, maybe. I was approved for the prestige on 6 March 19, still waiting for the card. I have an Exec from Dec 2017 that was MLA waived then and in anticipation of the AF this year I lowered my AF to $5k, as low as they would let me. It was waived again. The CL math doesn’t check out I don’t think. I just hope my Prestige gets waived too.

    • Dave says:

      My first statement just hit and fee was refunded 19 March.

      • Tim C says:

        That’s good to hear. I was approved on Feb 27th and my fee still has not shown up on my card. I’m hoping it will show up by my next statement so I can clear all of this confusion up and I will know whether it is getting waived or not.

  2. Tim C says:

    Two things to add. My annual fee has not posted yet so I’m not 100 percent sure if it is waived or not.

    However, I did receive paperwork from citi today stating I had been approved for the MLA benefits but it still had the annual fee on the paperwork.

    For those who got it waived, did you get similar paperwork saying you would still be charged the annual fee and then it ended up getting waived?

  3. Ryan says:

    The exact guidelines for calculating “Military APR” are in here ( Reading through the example calculation on page 6, it ends up being about the same formula that I came up with, although Citi may calculate it a little differently…

    • Tim C says:

      Ryan, do you recommend changing the credit limit now or waiting to see if the fee gets waived? My fee has not posted yet but I did receive paperwork saying that i qualified for MLA but on the paperwork it still mentioned I was getting a fee.

  4. Taylor says:

    That math doesn’t check out for me either. I applied 25 Feb 19, and had my MLA fee waiver post 6 Mar. My APR is 19.99% with a $16500 CL.

    • Tim C says:

      Did you receive paperwork saying you were approved for the MLA? I received this yesterday but on the paperwork it still said that I would be charged the annual fee. My annual fee has not posted yet to my card so I am hoping the agent on the phone just did not know the new situation and it will still be waived.

      • Taylor says:

        I never received any paperwork one way or another, and didn’t try requesting MLA either. Also, this was my first Citi card (besides GTC obviously).

  5. DB says:

    I opened my Citi AA Executive in Feb, after it was posted that Citi was honoring MLA annual fee credits again. After sending in my LES via fax and emailing them, I got a letter saying that I was approved for MLA. The letter also looked like it wasn’t going to waive my annual fee due to my credit limit ($26,500 w/ 19.99% interest). Just checked today and my annual fee posted with a same day credit. I am assuming that it will be the same for the Prestige so there appears to be hope.

  6. ArmyGrunt07 says:

    I just received my AA Executive card yesterday (my first card with Citi other than my GTC). Any advice specifically how to proceed in seeking an AF waiver? Should i lower the credit limit as much as I can before sending any documentation or requests for MLA to Citi to be safe?

    • Djjj says:

      My understanding is that MLA happens automatically when you apply for the CC. They usually send a notice letting you know they applied it and what benefits they will provide because of it. Any update on your situation?

  7. Joe says:

    Are the people getting their annual fee waivers with Citi residents or currently residing in Ohio, Penn, or Louisiana?

  8. Tim C says:

    Just a quick update. No anuall fee has posted to my account yet. Still waiting to see if it gets waived or not. Oddly enough I got a repeat letter in the mail saying my card was covered under the MLA benefits but the paperwork said the same thing it did last time that I was not going to get the fee removed. We will see when it actually posts though!

    • Tango says:

      Any update to your situation?

      • Tim C says:

        Great news!! Finally got my data point after my first statement closed yesterday. The fee was waived! So it looks like the mail they send you means nothing and a lot of the agents havent realized yet that they are waiving the fees again. Looks like we are good to go with Citi, sorry for the scare!

  9. Rhandi says:

    Well I am glad to report that I got the Citi Prestige around 18 Feb and the annual fee posted 18 March along with an “MLA FEE/INT CREDIT” on the same day. I didn’t have an account with Citi prior to entering the military and actually have been denied this benefit in the past. I did submit an MLA request on 13 March but I called today and was told that the had received the documents and it was still being reviewed. So I’m not sure if that’s what did it or if it was automatic. So hope this helps anyone who was still on the fence eating for DP’s.

  10. Happy says:

    Annual fee applied to the account and was refunded all within the first statement. I did not request MLA benefits, everything was automatic.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      did you have a previous card waived by citi?

    • Pop says:

      Did you get a letter saying they applied MLA benefits and the fee would be waived? Just curious since others received the letter but it still said they would be charged the fee.

      • Happy says:

        Haven’t gotten a letter yet, although statement just recently closed. I’ll repost if I get a letter

  11. ArmyGrunt07 says:

    Just went through my statements for my new Citi AA Executive card: I was charged the annual $450 fee on April 3rd, and it was waived the same day. Account was opened and card activated on March 13th. No other cards held through Citi besides my GTC.

  12. busyboy says:

    Mine got waived today for the citi executive. But they told me when i applied from last year when i first got approved for the cc they said i qualified for MLA but they wont waived the fees. I already accepted that they wont ever waived it but to my surprise it was waived :). Account opened last year.

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