Delta Reporting Gift Card Purchases On Visa

Bad news, an O-4 Specialist from Great Lakes just reported a $50 gift card bought on a desktop computer on his Chase Visa Ritz-Carlton card posted as this:

Needless to say there is a whole thread dedicated to these datapoints on flyertalk here. Most recent datapoint is here from bigblue2007:

My two $50.00 delta gift certificates posted on 3/2/18 and the credits posted on 3/4/18. The credits posted in 2 – $50 increments. I have the [AmEx] Platinum card and still have $100 to go.

Not sure what this O-4 did with his Visa, but there has been reposts that you must use this link to buy the cards, some times the mobile app or website will send you to a third party site. Any datapoints out there from our readers?

Delta and Southwest have been the only option for gift cards since United shutdown their registry in Sept 2017, and American Airlines started reporting Gift Cards on 08 Feb 2019.

Sothwest has always been good for us. I got a single $250 gift card with my AmEx Hilton Honors Aspire. On 07 March 2019 an O-3 reader at Great Lakes reports buying a weird $194.40 Southwest gift card (since he got reimbursed for a $5.60 fee previously) from his AmEx Platinum, and getting that reinbursed:

Delta has been great as well, but only at $50 increments. Some people have been able to surpass the three card limit when they call a ticket purchase in:

You can use more than 3 GCs for Delta flights now, though you have to do it over the phone “Up to 3 gift cards can be redeemed per transaction on If you wish to redeem more than 3 cards for a single purchase, please call 1-800-221-1212 and a Reservations Specialist will be able to assist you.”

via flyer talk: Originally Posted by ukinny2000 

Other comments suggest you can use up to 6 cards depending on the person on the other end. This most recent datapoint on Delta reporting as Gift Card may be limited to VISA cards and not AmEx, Note this comment here:

At least since December 2018, my VISA Infinite shows “GFT AA Y FEE” in the description. Even with that, it was reimbursed as part of the VISA Airline incidentals statement credit.

-igorjrr from flyertalk


6 thoughts on “Delta Reporting Gift Card Purchases On Visa

  1. Steve says:

    If WN becomes only dump option, it’ll be inevitable that they’ll block that route eventually. Good while it lasted…..

  2. Dr. Licious says:

    I’m going to try one last time using that hyperlink in this post.

  3. Miles says:

    Not in the military, but I find your blog useful and interesting. Anyway, that GFT designation has been showing on AA gift card purchases on my Visa since well before December 2018.

    I’m not sure I’d correlate reporting on Visa with Amex.

  4. Bill says:

    Just purchased 4x$50 with my new CS Platinum on March 9th, not reimbursed yet but all four show up as the previously reimbursed ones did: “DELTA AIR LINES ATLANTA” and “Passenger Ticket” for the tag when you click for amplifying info. Maybe March 10th they figured something out or VISA is just doing better digging.

    • Bill says:

      Update: All 4 of my $50 were reimbursed on my new CS Platinum. Purchased March 9th, reimbursed March 11th.

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