World of Hyatt Offers: Points Vs. Nights

Currently Chase is offering 50,000 Hyatt Points or 2 Free Category 1-7 Nights (Worth 30K each for Cat 7) and a $50 Credit both for $6,000 spend in 3 to 6 months.

I was going to go for the 2 free nights but I realized I only had one year to book it at only these places to maximize my category 7 nights. If I go for the 50K points then I had infinite time to use them, and I could transfer them as needed. I could also use them to book many nights at a lesser category hotel:

By not going the route of the two free nights, I would be losing out 10k points and a $50 statement. The points would have the flexibility on transferring and splitting up 50k.

Did I make the right choice?


4 thoughts on “World of Hyatt Offers: Points Vs. Nights

  1. Matt says:

    Is this card no longer 5/24?

  2. jason says:

    Army reserve soldier here that is about to deploy in less than two months. First of all, thank you so much for doing this and writing, sharing and helping! Wonderful stuff. So glad that I found it via Reddit.

    I wanted to maximize my benefits but while I was on ADOS three years ago, I was able to get my AMEX plat waived. I currently have the Hilton Aspire, AMEX Gold and AMEX Plat. Only my plat is waived and I paid the annual fee for the hilton aspire and the amex rose gold. My deployment starts in July and ends around end of April. Do you think I should get the Amex Green and the basic amex hilton card without any annual fees so that I can product change and upgrade?

    I also have two chase freedoms and one chase unlimited which I’ve had since college (7 years ago). Do you think I can product change that to the chase sapphire reserve?

    I also really want the citi prestige card that is $495 annual fee. How can I go about getting that? Do I get it before deployment or after?

    Your help on this is GREATLY appreciated and I cannot thank you enough.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      since you got the freedom before you joined, you may be able to upgrade to a PRG, not sure if reservists get the waiver though, Same goes for the Citi cards, please be the datapoint and report back

      the amex green is $95

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