MLA for Citi Prestige Now Off?

I am getting conflicting data points here. Reader Tim C. on 11 March 2019 says:

Just to let everyone know. I just applied for the citi prestige and got approved for the MLA benefits. However, they told me that they would not be waiving the annual fee because the interest on the card had not reached 36%. It was extremely confusing and very unfortunate to hear. Does anyone have any advice on how else to get it waived?

However at the same time reader Jesus on 08 March 2019 writes:

Submitted required docs to Citi last Friday MLA credit for $495 applied Monday for the Citi Prestige. Account was opened 2 weeks ago.

Redditor FB1088 writes on 11 Mar 2018:

My AA Exec was opened July 2018. I emailed them regarding MLA and they sent me a letter on 5 March saying it qualified for MLA. My brand new Prestige fee was waived the same statement the fee was applied.

It looks like some people are getting waivers while others are not. The same thing seems to be going on for the American Airlines Executive Card. Let’s put all the data points on this one post here.

Update: Reader Ryan says:

Try lowering your credit limit. They probably use some sort of formula to determine if your effective interest rate is less than 36% based on credit limit and annual fee. For example:  APR + (495/CL) < 0.36; So if your APR is 20% (0.2), then you would want your CL to be $3000 or lower. Just a theory but I think it makes sense…

This was a trick to do with the Ritz card, if you can get your credit limit to be less than two times the annual fee then they can’t charge you the annual fee. It is written up here. It’s just that we are using the 36% cap per the MLA.


Delta Reporting Gift Card Purchases On Visa

Bad news, an O-4 Specialist from Great Lakes just reported a $50 gift card bought on a desktop computer on his Chase Visa Ritz-Carlton card posted as this:

Needless to say there is a whole thread dedicated to these datapoints on flyertalk here. Most recent datapoint is here from bigblue2007:

My two $50.00 delta gift certificates posted on 3/2/18 and the credits posted on 3/4/18. The credits posted in 2 – $50 increments. I have the [AmEx] Platinum card and still have $100 to go.

Not sure what this O-4 did with his Visa, but there has been reposts that you must use this link to buy the cards, some times the mobile app or website will send you to a third party site. Any datapoints out there from our readers?

Delta and Southwest have been the only option for gift cards since United shutdown their registry in Sept 2017, and American Airlines started reporting Gift Cards on 08 Feb 2019.

Sothwest has always been good for us. I got a single $250 gift card with my AmEx Hilton Honors Aspire. On 07 March 2019 an O-3 reader at Great Lakes reports buying a weird $194.40 Southwest gift card (since he got reimbursed for a $5.60 fee previously) from his AmEx Platinum, and getting that reinbursed:

Delta has been great as well, but only at $50 increments. Some people have been able to surpass the three card limit when they call a ticket purchase in:

You can use more than 3 GCs for Delta flights now, though you have to do it over the phone “Up to 3 gift cards can be redeemed per transaction on If you wish to redeem more than 3 cards for a single purchase, please call 1-800-221-1212 and a Reservations Specialist will be able to assist you.”

via flyer talk: Originally Posted by ukinny2000 

Other comments suggest you can use up to 6 cards depending on the person on the other end. This most recent datapoint on Delta reporting as Gift Card may be limited to VISA cards and not AmEx, Note this comment here:

At least since December 2018, my VISA Infinite shows “GFT AA Y FEE” in the description. Even with that, it was reimbursed as part of the VISA Airline incidentals statement credit.

-igorjrr from flyertalk


World of Hyatt Offers: Points Vs. Nights

Currently Chase is offering 50,000 Hyatt Points or 2 Free Category 1-7 Nights (Worth 30K each for Cat 7) and a $50 Credit both for $6,000 spend in 3 to 6 months.

I was going to go for the 2 free nights but I realized I only had one year to book it at only these places to maximize my category 7 nights. If I go for the 50K points then I had infinite time to use them, and I could transfer them as needed. I could also use them to book many nights at a lesser category hotel:

By not going the route of the two free nights, I would be losing out 10k points and a $50 statement. The points would have the flexibility on transferring and splitting up 50k.

Did I make the right choice?


March 2019 Webull Standings

Man, what a market ride it has been! The standings for the end of the trading day on 01 March 2018 are as follows:

  1. DerpReporter: $1,112,847.49
  2. Credible: $1,085,997.81
  3. Sheep Doggy Dog: $1,065,126.88
  4. MJV305: $1,056,950
  5. BC: $1,034,749.80
  6. Julia’s College Fund: $1,000,000.00
  7. Jouster: $996,599.55
  8. Magoo: $964,136.46
  9. It’s Heim Time: $733,155.96

There are only 42 more trading sessions before the game is over! The top prize will have to be a digital $250 Southwest Gift Card from our good friends at AmEx Hilton Honors Aspire Card, because the AA Gift Cards have been shut down.

Second prize will still be a digital $100 American Airlines gift card that I got with my AmEx Rose Gold Card before that was savagely taken away form us this past February 18th.

Third prize will be a $50 physical gift card from the AmEx Personal Platinum Card. This will be sent in the mail to whomever you choose. We should have a last prize for the person who has lost the most money in 6 months! Any suggestions out there? I put everybody’s holdings below:

Please note that Julia’s College Fund had not made any trades and is currently sitting on $1,000,000 in cash. If you want to start you own Webull account, please use my link here.