Free Beer @ WeWork!

It’s true, there is free beer at Wework, well at least at the 1875 K St NW Washington DC 20006 before 1800. I also got beer after 1800 at 718 7th St NW Washington DC 20001. I have been hitting this new AmEx Business Platinum benefit hard, and have visited the following places:

  • 332 S Michigan Ave Chicago IL 60604
  • 718 7th St NW Washington DC 20001 (Free Beer)
  • 1875 K St NW Washington DC 20006 (Free Beer)
  • 125 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 60603 (Home Base)
  • 1440 G St NW Washington DC 20005 (Out of Cider)

What has been weird is the inconsistencies in access. I signed up online and received my key card in person at the Home Base at “The National” (125 S Clark St). However when I use the app to reserve a room in any other place I get this response:

Your booking provides access from 09:00 – 18:00. Please bring a valid photo ID for check-in with the building reception. A community associate will then guide you to your workspace and help you get set up.

At most locations I was asked to pack up and vacate at 1800, but at 718 7th St NW Washington DC 20001 everyone just worked tilled they quit. However at the K st location and at the Grant Park location (332 S Michigan Ave) I get this email:

Your booking provides access from 00:00 – 23:59. Please bring a valid photo ID for check-in with the building reception. A community associate will then guide you to your workspace and help you get set up.

I though this was a fluke, but I was able to have the front desk at the K St. location verify I could stay here all night long as part of my Platinum Global Access. I was able to get the elevator after the 1800 close time with my key card. This has to be some sort of a mistake that should be shut down very soon. For the time being I have found my 3rd place where I can blog all night long!

All in all, the Wework experience has been one of r/actlikeyoubelong and a bit of spot the churner at the Centurion lounge. The only experience I have had at a AmEx Business Lounge is at the McCormick Place’s OPEN lounge. This place has since closed:

Empty Longe as of Feb 2019

There is almost too much human interaction at these Wework locations, each community manger asks about your business, and they want you to link your linked in profile and answer a shit ton of questions to make the community more vibrant.

There is an over all attitude here of keep promoting your dream, no matter how unprofitable it may be to you, your trust fund, investors, and your children’s college funds. Even the materials promote this “Do What You Love” mantra:

I get the positive attitude because these spaces are for legit small business to find partnerships in the local community. This is the entire basis of a giant multi national company that has a $20 billion valuation. The irony is not lost on me.

This review may come off as unduly negative, and it is not at all. I find myself in a foreign work environment where I am sitting here and have to listen to all these hip little think tanks and startups talk about getting funding and I thinking that would suck if I had to actually run a small business, but I digress. Good for them, Keep the millennial dream alive fueled with cold brew coffee:

The decor of each location claims to be unique, but it all feels to me the same mash up of the Ace hotel meets the W with a twist of unfinished and reclaimed everything.

Not quite my style, how can I take your start up seriously if I feel like I am in your college door room cafeteria?

AmEx has been trying damn hard to cast away the old man stuffy country club persona they have been know for since they were founded in 1850. This has got to be there greatest attempt to be cool and relevant, and it might be working for some out there. I just don’t find myself shelling out $2,400 to have access to these cool places once my trial is up.

You can find me across Farragut Square at the Army & Navy Club any day (thanks to my Marine Memorial Club membership).


3 thoughts on “Free Beer @ WeWork!

  1. pfrank says:

    Hey Derp,

    Thanks sharing the perk about Marine Memorial Club!

    Question: For reciprocal club access, what special steps were involved in visiting the Farragut Sq Army and Navy club (ie. Call ahead to validate Marine Memorial club membership , or just flash your membership upon arrival)?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      I’m writing a review of the club that will go step by step. Quick answer is you log in to the Marine Memorial club and submit a request to send a letter of introduction to the club. Then you can show up all dressed up (Ties, jackets, and shoes with nice shoes required) and they will provide you a temporary membership card for your visit once you show your Marine Memorial card.

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