Possible Grandfathered SCRA Request on Chase Cards

According to Bojangles on flying squadron:

BLUF: If you opened the CSR card prior to them starting to waive the fee for military (Sept 2017). Send them a message online stating you are thinking of closing your account as AMEX waives the fee on their platinum. They may grandfather you in to the new policy.

So there’s been some mention on here of Chase now waiving the fee on the Sapphire Reserve as of Sept 2017 for accounts opened after that date. Nothing retroactive. I contacted Chase late in 2017 asking to be grandfathered in to that policy as I had 2 accounts opened prior to that date. They declined to grandfather me in.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. After a few drinks, I again sent Chase a message through their online system asking them to grandfather me.  I honestly didn’t even remember I had asked them before when I sent the message or I probably wouldn’t have sent it. I told them that  AMEX was waiving the fee on their platinum card and I would start using that as my primary card if not grandfathered. I really didn’t expect anything to come of it as I got a reply back that said they’d contact me by mail with a decision. Around 7-10 days later, I woke up to close to $5k in credit refunds split between two Chase accounts that I’d had for 4-6 years. I got a letter in the mail a few days later stating that they had applied SCRA benefits to my accounts going back to the day I opened them. I put $75-100k a year on the card so that may have factored into their decision. However, I’m not sure why they did it this time and not previously but I’m not complaining. It may be worth trying if you are paying for the CSR.

Has anyone out here tried this method? I don’t put $75k on any card, let alone a Chase card. I’m always one more card away from a financial review so I won’t be trying this any time soon.


2 thoughts on “Possible Grandfathered SCRA Request on Chase Cards

  1. Chuck says:

    Thanks for the tip. I opened my CSR account in JAN2017 and made multiple requests for Chase to grandfather me in, to no avail. I have historically put quite bit of spend on the card, but moved over to the new AMEX Gold since a big part of our budget is spent on groceries. I’ll give it a shot again with Chase.

  2. James says:

    No luck for me. They replied that the MLA only
    applies to account opened after Sep 17. I’m half tempted to close and reopen all my accounts, but my Ritz card is no longer available, I don’t want a lapse in my IHG and Hyatt status, and 5/24 would make it a pain in the ass.

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