Alaska Airlines Offers 15% In Flight Dining Military Discount

For those holding on to a MLA waived Chase Marriott Premier Plus card (Bonvoy Boundless). I urge you all to upgrade the card after one year to the elusive Ritz-Carlton Card which offers a $300 travel credit on any airlines. I challenge myself every year to buy $300 worth of food and drink in flight. This becomes a challenge, because half the time they just won’t ring me up. On my most recent flight on Alaska Airlines, In noticed this:

Sure enough I showed my CAC and got the discount. I had not noticed this on my way out so I didn’t get the 15% off. On the flight back I took advantage and sure enough all the food got 15% off!

No discount
15% Discount with CAC

I tried on two bottles of bourbon, but it did not work. The fight attendant was nice enough to give me two bottles for the price of one.


4 thoughts on “Alaska Airlines Offers 15% In Flight Dining Military Discount

  1. bc says:

    Is “Kids Choice” the bourbon?

  2. Gina says:

    Hi! Do you mind sharing how you can upgrade to the Ritz-Carlton card? Thanks!

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