10% Ebates On Dell

Ebates is now offering 10% cash back right now on Dell! Please use my link if you have not used it already.

My current data points are this: $100 spent on a 3 way split on 04 Feb 2019 which all got credited by 07 Feb 2019. My SOP is right here. The 10% cash back AmEx offer also posted on the 5th of Feb.

There was a question in a comment if the Topcashback hit on top of the 10% bonus, and the 3x$100 credit so here is the Topcashback site:

I wish the 10% was around when I did this. However I am happy to have earned $336.87 in cashback and bonus for my $318.74 order for profit of $18.13. The watch I bought has been pretty cool, and use it daily:

We tried to apply the Dell military discount to non Dell items, but it won’t work. I was able to get the $300 watch charged over 3 AmEx Biz Platinum cards. I wrote the experience here. I will earn some sort of Dell cash back, but it appears to takes 30 days from delivery.

Dell is having some sales for President’s day, so now is a good time to spend your bonus. I went to the Microsoft store in Portland, OR and verified that you could use Xbox live gift cards on the Microsoft website to buy hardware. Sure enough they sell such gift cards on the Dell website! Next datapoint needed is getting both the 10% Ebates and the $100 AmEx gift card on a $100 Xbox gift card. This would be a way to stack multiple bonuses over one year to get $1,600 over my 4 AmEx Biz Platinum cards! Please post your data points if you got them.


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