WeWork Delay?

Update: the site went live several hours later, plenty written about it here. I will go down to The National on Friday to get my badge.

It’s 01:33 Eastern on 08 Feb 2019 and the WeWork AmEx Page has not been refreshed regarding details of how to sign up.

I went down to visit The National Building, Chicago location and was bummed to find out that the benefit only applies to the primary card holder and not any of the AUs. On top of that, there are no guests allowed unless you spend money to rent a conference room. Your access is restricted to the lounge and public area which are set like a nice hotel lobby. Free beer, matcha green tea, and nano roasted coffee flow on tap. There is WiFi and outlets to plug into, but I didn’t get a sense that you could meet with any clients in these areas.

From our short tour we were given the details about how AmEx Biz Plat users would be issued a badge that would allow access 24/5 (Weekdays Only) to the common areas. You would have to buy credits to be used for meeting rooms and other collaborative areas. This badge would grant access to any WeWork location in the world. However it would end exactly one year from Sign-up.

I showed up with my attorney in suits around 17:00 this last Monday and stood out like a sore thumb. No one had a tie, not even nice shirts or slacks. I am not sure if they thought we were suits from a bank, because WeWork has been making some headlines for some shenanigans. All in all, the sense of collaboration in the common areas was not there, but felt kind of out of place. They would not allow any photos of anything in the place either.

Hopefully more details come soon, but I am off to bed. It’s disappointing that details were not announced as promised, but this would not be the first missed deadline form WeWork.


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