AmEx Biz Plat WeWork Benefit Details

Now that I received a stack of 1099-MISCs from AmEx, DerpReport has become a legitimate business with reportable income! Wooo!! Next step is office space, and I am looking forward to the WeWork and AmEx Biz Plat collaboration. More details are coming soon, while some can be found here. I have a tour of their Chicago “The National” building tonight. More to come on this page. But for now DoC has a article here. Not sure if it is transferable, because I have 4 cards and my wife has 2. I am hoping it be possible to get 6 people memberships for a year. From what it looks like, only the primary member that gets the benefit. The terms are this:

If I activate one Membership I will have coverage from 08 Feb 2019 till 08 Feb 2020. Then I activate another before the 31 December 2019 deadline to constantly have access till 31 Dec 2020! Who knows what will become of this, but stay turned right here for any updates!

Come jump on Biz Plat since the $595 annual fee is waived for military. We get $200 for dell and this new benefit! Please use my referrals to upgrade the green biz, gold biz to a Biz Plat, or direct biz plat applications.


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