February 2019 WeBull Standings

  • SheepDoggyDog: $1,121,697.46
  • DerpReporter: $1,112,847.49
  • Credible: $1,040,842.77
  • Jouster: $1,016,258.26
  • MJV305: $1,008,100
  • Julia’s College fund: $1,000,000 (no trades)
  • BC: $996,041.70
  • Magoo: $922,339.26
  • HeimTime: $837,892.44
SheepDoggyDog is big on gold
DerpReporter rode GoldmanSachs up but didn’t have the balls to hold on forever
Credible is going strong with his very diverse portfolio
14 total stocks held by credible!
Jouster is all in on Old Man Warren B.
MJV305 is half in Intel, half cash
BC is all in SPY
Magoo is doing apple, and Total S.A.
HeimTime Loves the Penny Stocks

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