Reservist Data Points Needed

Not sure if there are any Reservists out there but reader Mike asked:

Quick question for you; I’m not sure if you have experience with this or could point me in the right direction.

I know that MLA/SCRA protections are generally for active duty or reservists on long term orders. However, I’ve seen it referenced in a number of places that regular, drilling reservists are getting MLA/SCRA protection/rates/etc. My question is… how?!

I tried secure messaging Chase, but they asked for orders. I don’t have any active orders to give – are people using IDT orders?

Great blog, and if you have any advice, I’d love to hear it!


There are some datapoints out there of Navy Reservists. But mine is a single O-5 that applied for the AmEx Platinum while activated. He was able to get this one card waived of its annual fees. I suggested to Mike to check the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) site here and make a request while activated. My report looks like this:

What I need is a reservist that is not activated vs a reservist that is active to run the same report. I figure that the activated reservist has a report that appears identical to the active duty one. I gander that this is why active reservists are getting the MLA and SCRA protections. Please post it if you got it!


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  1. Charles R says:

    Reservists are protected under SCRA for any Active Duty or Annual Training Order regardless of length for the period of Activity (which includes orders less than 30 days). Reservists have an additional SCRA benefit in the law that extends the protection to start on the day the orders were cut. This means, a reservist on a 1 day order that was issued 6 months in advance is covered under SCRA for 6 months and 1 day. Most credit granting companies will waive all fees and provide longer protection than required by law. The law only protects national guard members on orders 30 days or more but I believe most credit granting companies will treat all components the same. Check your state they may have laws that mirror or enhance SCRA protection. The Military Star Card is the only company I have come across that misquotes the law and says that reservists are required to have orders 30 days or greater.

    Orders less than 30 days do not show up on the DMDC site and American Express now asks when applying for SCRA online if the service member is a reservist so that don’t wast time looking in DMDC and go straight to asking for orders.

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