Ameriprise Gold To Platinum Upgrade Thwarted

It has been a year and I just tried to upgrade my Ameriprise Gold to another Ameriprise Platinum both online and calling the number on the back. In the end I was told I had to call my financial advisor at 800-297-2012 to initiate the upgrade, mainly because I had gotten the Ameriprise Platinum and the first year was “free”. The truth of the matter is, I was never able to get an advisor to take my money! Nor did I ever get any of their insurance products via my Costco membership. It looks like until I do I am stuck with the gold card!

Be warned!


10 thoughts on “Ameriprise Gold To Platinum Upgrade Thwarted

  1. Steve says:

    I just tried to get MS Plat a few days ago. I opened the MS access account, no money in it yet though. Went to pending. I’ve opened one other amex credit (not charge) account in last few months. Looks like the ameriprise upgrade route maybe shut too.

  2. RWHR says:

    Shoot I just got this one last week

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      well, the sign on bonus is legit, but it is a terminal card…

      • Noble says:

        With charge cards, there isn’t anything concrete about the time to wait between applications. Have you found a way to get the charge cards (Plats, Golds, Business etc) as quickly as possible? I’m fairly aggressive so no need to recommend the safe route. Thanks for all of this btw, I talked to too many co-workers who think stupid things about credit cards, and I have to quietly tell them they get it for FREE without losing my mind.

        • uiucderp2011 says:

          It doesn’t seem like the 2 card rule hits for the Charge cards nor minimum time on the business cards. Please let me know what your experience is.

  3. el_georgie says:

    I had the situation where my first ameriprise plat was denied, because it was showing on AMEX as a duplicate of the vanilla. My strategy as recommended here, was to open the gold then upgrade. Wondering if they’ll block an ameriprise gold-plat upgrade even if I don’t have an ameriprise plat. Will give it a shot and report back when I do it.

    • Mike says:

      In reply to el_georgie: I was also initially denied for Ameriprise Platinum due to already holding vanilla platinum. Howeve, a quick phone call to Amex and the rep manually pushed the application through with instant approval.

  4. […] on the phone, and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to do it without any trouble. I tried last month but was denied. The trick was to wait more than a year from opening to ask for the […]

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