2019 Gift Card Round Up

Happy to report both a O-3 LT and myself were reimbursed for a single $200 with AmEx Personal Platinum and a single $250 using the AmEx Hilton Aspire Card.

Share your data points if you got it! I updated my churning guide as well. Also happy to report the $50 in person Saks is coming back fully reimbursed, even for a gift card:

Additionally I was able to get cash back using Ebates on buying the gift card:


4 thoughts on “2019 Gift Card Round Up

  1. Mike says:

    More importantly, I’d like to hear about any data points where $200/$250 are NOT reimbursed.

  2. drjtank says:

    $200 Vanilla Plat: posted Jan 2nd, reimbursed Jan 6th
    $250 Hilton Aspire: posted Jan 2nd, reimbursed Jan 6th

  3. Jae Chung says:

    Same DP as drjtank above. Posted 4 Jan and reimbursed 9 Jan 2019.

  4. Dave says:

    $200 Vanilla Plat: Posted 13 Jan, airline meter at $0 remaining same day.

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