Delta Gift Card Shutdown?

Thank you to reader ArmyGrunt07 who reports:

Just executed my 2019 Delta gift card purchases on my AMEX PRG and it is now showing up as one total combined charge (Rather than two $50 charges like) and instead of the description reading “Delta Airlines – Atlanta” I’m now getting “Delta CSTAR GFTCRD.” Looks like they made some unfortunate changes in the new year. Thankfully i switched my Platinums to American Airlines to take advantage of the larger gift cards that I’m now hoping will still work out fine.

I verified that they used a desktop computer and the website, it appears like the servicer they use for the App is now handling the web transactions. This means the charges are no longer valid for reimbursement.

So I have always been cautious in the new year and take it slow. I charged $200 for American Airlines and have yet to be reimbursed myself. Any one out there willing to share their experiences?


13 thoughts on “Delta Gift Card Shutdown?

  1. Steve says:

    WN GCs have not gone through for me yet…..

    • RWHR says:

      I purchased SW gift cards on Jan 1st and just today they showed as used under the benefits tab. I expect the credits to finally post tomorrow.

  2. Steve says:

    That’s good to hear

  3. Matt says:

    Some data points for you:

    I used my Amex Platinum and Aspire for the Delta GCs. No reimbursement as of yet and it’s been 5 days.

    A friend signed up for the Amex Plat and bought his GCs on Delta on 31 Dec. No reimbursement yet either.

  4. bc says:

    The person you quoted above sounds to me like they’re lying and used the mobile browser. My Delta gift card purchase on Jan 2nd broke out into 4 $50 purchases from DELTA AIR LINES ATLANTA. No statement credit yet but the benefits page does show $200 credit used for 2019.

    • ArmyGrunt07 says:

      Not sure why i would “lie” to a fine person like Derp, but i definitely logged into my Delta account as i have before and then purchased my AA gift cards at the same time (which worked fine). Hopefully this was some sort of one-off glitch or issue that i had? I don’t think reaching out to AMEX or Delta would be ideal since gift cards aren’t technically supposed to work, but instead I’m planning to retry later this month with a couple individual $50 transactions after my other pending gift cards are reimbursed. Glad to hear others aren’t running into the same issue!

  5. bc says:

    My charge on Jan 2nd went through as 4 Delta GCs as delta air lines atlanta

  6. bc says:

    My two Amex Platinums: Delta 4x $50 gc’s posted on Jan 2nd, and I just received reimbursement. Still waiting for 1x $200 AA gc to be reimbursed.

  7. RWHR says:

    My southwest and saks fifth Avenue gift cards purchased on the 1st all just were reimbursed as well

  8. Matt says:

    Just received reimbursement on the Amex Plat for 4×50 Delta GC purchased through the website, accessed from my desktop. Purchase was made on 1 JAN and took 6 days for credit to apply.

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