14% Cash Back On Saks Double Dip (Maybe only 10%)

Happy New Year! With the AmEx $50 Saks credit reset for 2019, I am planning on the ultimate cash back stack by getting Ebates cash back twice (use link here). I will earn 4% on the in-store gift card purchase (or not according to the offer language), and 10% again online with spending the gift cards at Saks Off 5th (and now Saks 5th)!

Update: The language in the Ebates page says no gift cards, however I just got 7 emails saying that my in store gift card purchases worked. The terms are this:

4.0% In-Store Cash Back was 2.0%:
Earn Cash Back when you shop with your linked card at all participating Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Maximum Cash Back per qualifying transaction is $100.00. Offer not valid at Saks OFF FIFTH stores. Debit card purchases must be processed as credit in order to be eligible for Cash Back. When using your debit card, do not enter your PIN. Only US-issued payment cards are eligible to enroll and earn Cash Back. Offer not valid for gift card purchases. In-Store offers not valid for online purchases and may not be combined with other Ebates rewards. US stores only. Offer not valid at locations in US territories. Offer may be displayed on multiple websites but is redeemable only once per qualifying transaction. If you link to the same offer on more than one site, your qualifying transaction will only be eligible for rewards or benefits associated with the offer through the most recently linked site. A linked offer is good for 24 hours after initial redemption. After such time the offer must be re-linked prior to your next purchase. A linked offer that has not been redeemed will automatically expire 45 days after it is linked or on the date the offer itself ends, whichever is sooner. Cash Back earned will be paid with your next eligible Ebates Big Fat Check!

I bought a single $350 gift card in the Men’s department at Chicago’s Saks Fifth Ave split over 7 AMEx Platinum Cards. I was met with a little hesitation as one of the managers said you could only do 4 cards per any transaction. I had the another salesman in his $20,000 Kiton Custom suit do 5 cards and kept on encouraging him to do all 7 towards a single gift card. No problem at all, I signed 7 slips for 7 cards at $50 a card. and walked out with a single $350 gift card and 7 of these emails:

ArmyGrunt07 says:

Last year on Black Friday the E-bates cashback return was 15% for online purchases from Sak’s. I used my gift cards for the majority of a $500 purchase and received the E-bates return on the entire purchase amount, regardless of the use of gift cards. I’ll be saving mine and hoping they offer a similar bonus this November.

Currently Ebates is offering 4% in person, and 10% online at Off 5th and Saks 5th:

You just need to sign up for Ebates (please use my link), then add the Saks offer to each card here, and then add your AmEx Platinum cards to Ebates to use in store. Then add the AmEx cards and buy gift cards in person at Saks for 4%. Then use Ebates again for 10% online at Off 5th using the gift cards:

Data points have shown that you can split a $300 gift card over 6 AmEx personal platinum cards at the Saks store (not off 5th). Reader Dave on 26 Dec 2018 says:

The Vegas Saks was more than helpful and happy to split a $300 gift card across 6 plats at the general office. All 6 reimbursed today.

Make note that you must go in person to only Saks Fifth Avenue as every datapoint shows that the online gift cards do not get reimbursed. Nor does buying anything at an Off 5th in person. Note that AmEx gets reports online on what exactly you buy online, spooky:

Here is the conversion, with a physical gift card in hand (bought at a real Saks Fifth Avenue only), you can then go back to Ebates and link to Off 5th and get 10% off even using gift cards from Saks 5th:

With my 14 AmEx Personal Platinums, I should get $56 on buying the gift cards, and then $140 to spend said gift cards on $1,400 worth of useless Bougie-Bitch shit! I got my eye on this Gucci watch (with $100 to spare):

Yes, you too can get paid $196 to be a marketer of a Veblen good. I got my multiple Platinums with the following cards, and with upgrading the gold and green after a year (please use the referral links to support the site). All cards have annual fees waived for AD via SCRA:

Damn I feel like a vapid millennial influencer now! Getting paid to wear free flashy shit. Happy New Year! (Note that Saks Fifth now offers 10% as well)


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