Saks Fifth Avenue 2019 Strategy

The Saks 5th Ave credits on all of my personal platinum cards will reset on 01 January 2019. If we break it down by taxonomy we have the following eligible cards:

I squandered the first round of bonuses back in July of 2018 on multiple $50 gift wrapped gift boxed (for free) orders online, stacked with EBATES, and shipped for free via shop runner. Now that I have a proven datapoint $50 gift cards work in person , as well as another from my O-6 friend in Hawaii who got a $200 gift card split over 4 Plat cards still resulting in reimbursement.

I am planning on buying $50 physical gift cards over 13 visits between Jan to June and then 14 July to Dec. Then over all of 2019 I should have 27 little gift boxes with 27 little Saks 5th bags all worth $1,350:

Now I have been given direction on the online chat that you can use infinite gift cards in person to spend on a single transaction. You are also able to use up to 9 gift cards online. Better yet you can combine gift cards in store to spend online! The best part of the physical gift card strategy is the ability to use the cards at OFF 5th, both in person and online. Your dollar would go much further there.

When my friend bought the $200 over 4 cards he got some pushback. He was able to eventually get someone that would do it, I say it’s not worth the hassle since you can combine and redeem gift cards later. For those that don’t find themselves by a Saks and like to push the envelope, you can attempt to buy a $400 gift card split over 8 cards. Move to another register and repeat till you have exhausted all your cards. Then combine them into a single massive gift card!

I hate to draw that much attention to myself and rather get 27 gift cards over 365 days! Plus imagine misplacing a $1,350 gift card. That would hurt!


2 thoughts on “Saks Fifth Avenue 2019 Strategy

  1. Dave says:

    The Vegas Saks was more than helpful and happy to split a $300 gift card across 6 plats at the general office. All 6 reimbursed today.

  2. ArmyGrunt07 says:

    Last year on Black Friday the E-bates cashback return was 15% for online purchases from Sak’s. I used my gift cards for the majority of a $500 purchase and received the E-bates return on the entire purchase amount, regardless of the use of gift cards. I’ll be saving mine and hoping they offer a similar bonus this November.

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