One Last Churn for 2018

Well, it was too tempting to pass up on the possibility of $200 a year of Dell Credit for each AmEx Biz Plat so I went ahead and got another AmEx Gold Business with full intention to upgrade to another Plat by February 2019.

I had a Biz Gold back in my Okinawa days of 2015, but for another company. That card has since been upgraded to another Biz Platinum. I was given the offer to order to earn 50,000 MR points with $5k spend in 3 months and no-pop up indicating that I would not be eligible for the offer because I had the product before. I hope this works out since there have been some reports of bonus denials even with the lack of pop up.

I also double dipped the churn by having my wife send me her Schwab AmEx Platinum referral link to earn $100 on the successful application. From this link I was able to choose any card from AmEx that is currently offering a bonus. This has been pretty lucrative for the year:

These referrals from the Ameriprise Gold and Plat as well as Schwab Platinum have changed the name of the referral game. Each card can earn up to $550 a year for 6 referrals at $100 each. Chase should take notice, because this is what will get the most reach out there!

Overall I went for another business card because in 6 months my wife will be off her 24 month credit card fast to start hitting chase hard again. AmEx Business Cards do not show on any credit report and therefore are under the radar of Chase!

I don’t think I can hit the $5k spend in the one week left of the year once I get the card in the mail. If I had done this right, I could have hit the $200 airline credit twice in two months if I could upgrade to another biz plat before end of December!

Please use this link here if you want to get an AmEx Biz Gold card.


3 thoughts on “One Last Churn for 2018

  1. Airv says:


    You need to use the Biz gold for referrals from now on. 20000 points per referral which is worth $250 when you cash out to your Schwab account.

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