Online $50 Saks Gift Card Does Not Get Reimbursed By AmEx Personal Plat

Update: The charge ended up showing up as “Saks Fifth A 8559729WILMINGTON DE” but no reimbursement.

Thank you for all of your data points! An O-3 here at Great Lakes just bought a $50 gift card online and the charge showed up on his card account as “ONLINE E-GIFT BUYATAB”:

Remember that the Saks $50 credit terms state specifically that the $50 credit will not work for gift cards. Another datapoint comes from reader Lejeune-O3 had this experience:

Data Point on the new E-Gift Cards of $50. Purchased $50 Gift card on 27 Nov and no reimbursement so far as of Dec 6. Even though AMEX says the purchase is from Saks the charge itself seems to be registered as ONLINE E-GIFT BUYATAB. Will update if this changes.

Another reader Janine reported the existence of sub $150 Saks gift cards online on 26 November 2018. She tried to buy one on 27 November only to have the order canceled. I think its a bad idea to buy any Saks gift card online with any expectation that it will be reimbursed.

This switch-o-roo is very similar to the Delta $50 gift card when bought via phone app would automatically transfer you to a third party site. This third party would charge you thereby attaching their name instead of Delta Airlines. Since the charge is not from Delta Airlines there was no way to reimburse the charge. To advoid this, just buy the gift card on a desktop or laptop via the main delta site.

If you want to keep trying the online Saks Giftcard, please continue to post your data points either way below. Your best bet is to actually buy an item on Saks, but be sure to stack it with Ebates to get some cash back as well as use shop runner AmEx Benefit for free overnight shipping. You can also get free gift wrap when checking out of the site. Be aware that some items ship via 3rd party and will be ineligible for free overnight shipping and gift wrap, this is the case for almost all the food items.

I for one, would go into a Saks Fifth location (not OFF Saks) and buy a $200 gift card and split it over 4 AmEx Platinum cards. My O-6 friend did this in Hawaii and all 4 cards got the credit. You could attempt a $400 card split over 8 cards, but I think that would raise some alarms. I for one have done a single $50 card in the store and got reimbursed no problem.


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  1. […] note that you must go in person to only Saks Fifth Avenue as every datapoint shows that the online gift cards do not get reimbursed. Nor does buying anything at an Off 5th in person. Note that AmEx gets reports online on what […]

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