Dude You’re Getting a Dell (Credit)!

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Major changes coming to the AmEx Biz Platinum coming Feb 2019. More info here and here. The most notable is this:

Up to $200 in statement credits annually for U.S. purchases with Dell on your Business Platinum Card. You’ll receive more information about how to enroll in the new Shop Dell with Business Platinum benefit in February 2019.

The other is a free one year membership to WeWork, which I can only imagine is another AmEx Lounge. Or at least I am going to treat it as one, with up to 4 beers a day promised to members! User Mcnst says:

The selling point would be coworking and 24/7 access, nice well-maintained buildings, usually very high floors, as well as nitro cold brew on tap, kombucha on tap, and beer-on-tap during business hours. They usually lock the taps after hours, but you’d still have hot tea and the ice machine 24/7; plus could probably make coffee yourself using their supplies after hours if you feel really inclined.

As for the annual fee, it should remain $0 for military due to their generous SCRA waiver. It should be a no brainer to hit up all versions of their business cards and upgrade to the Platinum. The 35% points back and $200 Airline fee should remain the same. Please use the links below if at all interested:

  1. Plain old vanilla Business Platinum
  2. Business Green to Business Platinum
  3. Business Gold to Business Platinum

The advantage of getting 3 Biz Plats means you can select Delta, United, and American to get 1.5 cents from every point on virtually every major airline in the USA. You would get $600 for flights as well as three years (hopefully consecutively) of WeWork membership. You would also get $600 for Dell computers each year, but Dan and I are trying to figure out how to use three cards in a single order. Currently there are no gift cards online:

Perhaps we just get a crap ton of peripherals each year:

Maybe, I should get a CromeBook for every room in the house:

Well, let’s wait till February 2019 for more details, it might just be a $50 quarterly credit which would make things hard to spend on. Either way, hooray for AmEx Biz!

9 thoughts on “Dude You’re Getting a Dell (Credit)!

  1. Cesar Martinez says:

    Can we downgrade back to the regular ones with no AF after EAS? Great guides thank you for all your info, started the credit card game about a year ago still working through 5/24 before I get to amex

  2. Steve says:

    Dell used to have dropbox subscriptions. Haven’t seen them recently. That would be where I would spend it.

  3. Cesar says:

    I really hope is not $50 hope at least $100 kind of like saks

  4. Cesar says:

    I’m applying using your referral codes for all 3 right now since I won’t be able to hit the 10k on the plat and no more sign up on the gold and the green is easy.

    Got approved for Plat doing other ones now, thanks for all the info Semper Fi

  5. FUTCHINATOR says:

    What “Business” do you use for your AMEX Biz Plats? I really want to apply for one (or all 3), but don’t have my own business to claim. Do you guys just claim a “sole proprietorship” and not include an EIN on the application?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      You can use your name and social security number as your company as a sole proprietorship. The EIN would be your SSN.

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