WeBull Challenge: December Rankings

This is the monthly update for the Webull Challenge that started 01 November 2018. Every participant started with $1,000,000.00 of simulated money and have been trading more or less for a month. I currently have only 7 of 10 people reporting:

  1. Jouster: $1,066,154.71
  2. mjv305: $1,013,900.00
  3. Credible: $1,008,515.61
  4. Julia’s College Fund: $1,000,000.00 (no trades made)
  5. Heimtime: $983,269.36
  6. DerpReporter: $960,864.70
  7. Magoo: $937,300.41
  8. SheepDoggyDogg: ???
  9. rwhr: ????
  10. BC: ?????







I have also decided the first prize will still be a $250 gift card but the winner can decide between American Airlines or Southwest Airlines since data points are positive that a single $250 gift card works with the Hilton Honors Aspire Card. Second prize will still be a $100 gift card for American Airlines, and the third prize will be a physical gift card to Saks Fifth.

Please email me your portfolio to continue to eligible for the prizes! If you want to open a WeBull account please use this link for a free share or something (prob ABEV).


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