Chase Referral Round-Up

Looks like us senior churners are SOL on hitting any Chase products for the next two years since 5/24 expanded to every Chase product. For all you new-to-churning folk, you are getting in at a good time now that the MLA is waiving fees for Chase cards. I would start with CSR and then hit these other Chase products:

  1. Chase Marriott Premier Plus 2 FREE NIGHTS (35k max) with $3k spend in 90 days ($95 annual fee) (LINK HERE)(2nd Link)(Link 3)
    1. Free annual night worth 35k points
    2. Will make you ineligible for the AmEx SPG Lux bonus for 24 months
  2. Hyatt Card 40k on $3k spend, in 90 days then 20k on another $6k in 180 days ($95 waived)(Link Here)(2nd link)
    1. Free annual night Category 1-4
    2. 4x points on Hyatt Spend
  3. Chase IHG Card 80k on $2k spend in 90 days ($89 AF Waived)(Link Here)(Link 2)
    1. Free annual night worth up to 40k points
  4. Chase Ink Business Preferred $95 a year (No AF Waiver) (Link Here)
    1. 80k UR on $5k spend
    2. 3x UR on Travel, Shipping purchases, internet, cable

If you have any Southwest, Freedom, United Explorer, or Disney referrals, please go here and get a referral link. Please post that link below to share with other readers. I for one am considering hitting only AmEx Biz cards until December of 2020 to finally get under 5/24.


4 thoughts on “Chase Referral Round-Up

  1. Kim says:

    Referral link for Freedom Unlimited: Earn a $150 bonus with Chase Freedom Unlimited.
    Will post link for SW Premier when I am able to…

  2. RWHR says:

    Here’s my southwest referral

    And Disney referral (Each friend will receive an offer to earn a $200 Statement Credit after they spend $500 on purchases with their card in the first 3 months from account opening.)


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