Dom Pérignon Below Cost At LGA Delta Lounges (When Bought By The Glass)

For $140 or 7,000 sky miles you can get a 4 glasses of 2006 Dom Pérignon at the LGA Terminal C or D Delta Sky Club. I spoke to the bartender and she said that they usually only get 4 glasses out of the bottle in the generous single glass pours. In fact I witnessed some one ordering a single glass and taking a huge gulp and getting topped off again! If we compare the price of 2006 Dom at Binny’s we see each bottle is $149.99:When compared to the whole bottle price at the Delta Sky Club it is $250 or 12,500 Sky Miles:

Since I am a sucker for bottle service, I went for the whole bottle which makes absolutely no sense. For the 5,500 Sky Miles premium I got to have my own ice bucket and someone walk it to my table. I was informed that I could keep the bottle, but that ice bucket was never to leave the lounge. I guess they had some incidents in the past! If you want to try some Dom on the cheap, this may be your chance. If you want to have a stupid and short lived bougie experience, then you can get a bottle for 12,500 Sky Miles which amounts to about 2 cents per point either way! I for one would just do a glass for 1,750 Sky Pesos every few months at 2 cents per mile:

In the end I have no regrets getting an entire bottle to celebrate a birthday with the wife!

Right now the Personal Version of the AmEx Delta Reserve card is offering 70,000 Sky miles for a mere $4,000 spend. This is enough for 40 glasses of Dom or 10 bottles of this stuff! Please use this link if interested. Have fun out there, you’ve earned it!


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  1. bc says:

    Thanks Derp, just used your referral. Love SkyMiles (especially when there are no annual fees)

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