$200 and $250 Gift Cards Reimbursed For AmEx Platinum and Hilton Aspire Respectively

Thank you all for the collaboration in brining data points for the $200 and $250 gift card question . It appears that those people who hold an American Express Personal or Business Platinum Card, and have chosen American Airlines as their carrier of choice, are successfully getting an single $200 gift card reimbursed. Data points are as follows:

  1. Hawaii O-6 Select on Personal Platinum: $200 on 09 Oct 2018, reimbursed 12 Oct 2018
  2. Great Lakes O-4 (myself) on Business Platinum: $200 on 06 Nov 2018, reimbursed 08 Nov 2018
  3. Reader O1ForLife: $200 Physical gift card with $4.95 shipping fee on 28 Sep 2018, Reimbursed $200 on 29 Sept 2018
  4. Iwakuni O-3 on Personal Platinum: $200 gift card on 13 Nov 2018, reimbursed 15 Nov 2018
  5. Lejeune O-3: $200 on personal plat, reimbursed for $200
  6. Julius: $200 on 18 Nov 2018, reimbursed 20 Nov 2018

Even better news is for the AmEx Hilton Honors Aspire. Successful $200 and $250 single gift cards on this as well!

  1. el_georgie: $200 on Hilton Aspire on 20 Nov 2018, $200 reimbursement on 22 Nov 2018
  2. Iwakuni O-3: $250 on Hilton Aspire 19 Nov 2018 with full reimbursement on  21 Nov
  3. Great Lakes O-3: 23 Nov 2018 $250 on AA digital gift card, credit posted 26 Nov 2018

With these data points it is possible to use 8 gift cards at $250 for a single $2,000 itinerary or 8 $200 gift cards for a $1,600 flight. Infinite possibilities now. These are the following products that offer this reimbursement:

  1. AmEx Personal Platinum
  2. AmEx Business Platinum
  3. AmEx Hilton Honors Aspire

You can also hit these subordinate products and upgrade them to the above products later:

  1. Hilton Honors Ascend
  2. Hilton Honors
  3. AmEx Personal Green
  4. AmEx Business Green
  5. AmEx Personal Gold
  6. AmEx Business Gold

Keep those data points coming!


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    How are you identifying a “carrier of choice?”

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