Ameriprise Platinum Double Dip Shutdown

Around March of 2018 AmEx decided that they were not going to allow people who have the Personal Platinum card get the Ameriprise version of the card. I was able to get one in March of 2018 and my friend was able to get his September pf 2018. However some people were getting denied for a new Ameriprise Platinum when holding the plain version of the AmEx Platinum.

Somehow I missed this 10 April 2018 article by DoC regarding the death of the Ameriprise Double Dip. Thanks to reader el_georgie for pointing me to this article and letter as well as his own recent (20 Nov 2018) datapoint:

So, I called the recon line and the lady told me that the system automatically cancelled the application because I applied and got approved for another personal plat (vanilla) last month.  Said I could only have one personal plat, that I could apply for a business plat. I politely asked about being co-branded, that didn’t go far. I’m probably going to give it a few months and try again.

He further elaborates in a 23 Nov 2018 comment:

A user on reddit pointed me to this article.(   Apparently ameriprise and vanilla are considered the same.  I checked the application site, and indeed the ameriprise application is listed as just amex plat exactly the same as the vanilla one.  The reddit user suggested to get the ameriprise gold then upgrade.  Working on the MS waiting a few days since opening the brokerage account before applying for the card.  Thanks!

Keep in mind Mercedes-Benz Platinum is shut down, and the Goldman Sachs is impossible to get. You now have only four ways to directly get a Platinum without any product changes:

  1. Plain old vanilla Platinum
  2. Plain old vanilla Business Platinum
  3. Morgan Stanley Platinum (Must Have $5k Brokerage)
  4. Charles Schwab Platinum (Must Have $1k Brokerage)

Then there are the backdoor methods, the personal cards require a 1 year wait before product change (PC). The business versions can be upgraded right away!

  1. Personal Green then PC to Platinum
  2. Personal Gold then PC to Platinum
  3. Ameriprise Gold to Ameriprise Platinum
  4. Business Green to Business Platinum
  5. Business Gold to Business Platinum

Looks like I will have to update my guide here and my old Ameriprise article here. Please also use my catch all referral pages here, here, here, herehere and here for any of your AmEx needs.


11 thoughts on “Ameriprise Platinum Double Dip Shutdown

  1. […] has applied a blanket 5/24 restriction on all of their cards. AmEx has also decided to restrict the Ameriprise Platinum. I have updated my strategy below to reflect […]

  2. el_georgie says:

    Here’s a screenshot ( of the application status site from Amex. As you can see the Vanilla (10/23) is listed exactly the same as the ameriprise (11/20). That’s probably why the CSR told me I already had a platinum approved a month before and that I could only have one. Currently working the Morgan Stanley one (11/23), and that one is clearly distinct from the other platinum cards. Been under that In-progress status for a few days now.

    Thanks for sharing helpful tips and strategies here!

  3. Marcus says:

    I’ve had my personal platinum since Feb 17 and I applied and received my Ameriprise Platinum in Aug 18. Maybe it isn’t a hard rule or there is some kind of exception to the rule I don’t know about….

  4. Texas O-3 says:

    I’ve had the regular plat for about a year. I tried applying for the Ameriprise twice and was rejected recently (last 3 montha). Last month, I opened an Ameriprise brokerage joint account. Went online and applied for the card two days ago and was instantly approved for the Ameriprise Plat. I’m waiting to receive it in the mail.

    I think the loophole of getting the card without an account was closed. Now, you must have an Ameriprise account before you apply for the. I’m dual mil so I will have my spouse apply soon and hopefully see if it goes through.

    • Texas O-3 says:

      Update: I just received my Ameriprise Platinum card in the mail yesterday, so it is still possible to obtain. On the AMEX website is just listed as a Platinum card (no Ameriprise flavor) but it is branded Ameriprise on the card itself.

  5. Ryan says:

    Counter-DP: Was just insta-approved for the platinum with no ameriprise account. Currently hold vanilla (’15) and Schwab (Jul ’18) variants.

    Double dip is still alive!

  6. Mike says:

    Positive dp: I’ve had vanilla platinum for years. Opened Schwab Platinum several months ago. Applied for Ameriprise platinum last month, application cancelled by Amex for duplicate card. I called the status line today and the CSR manually resubmitted the application. I had an approval email 30 minutes later. In the last month I’ve also opened a MS Platinum. So now will have 4 personal Platinums. I have a green and gold that I’ll upgrade at the year mark.

  7. Nate says:

    I’m new to this site. I’m curious how/whether SCRA/MLA applies to reservists. Is there a certain number of days in the year that you need to serve as a reservist to qualify for the benefit? How does that process work? Do you need to apply/reapply for the benefit when you are in active status?

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