Delta Reserve Personal AmEx Now @ 70k

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for all my readers out there on this Thanksgiving. You turned my little notebook of military churning strategy into something special that really unites all of us churners over every branch of the military. Who knows what this will become one day? I’m really considering hosting a FTU of our own. Who is interested?

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday and hopefully you got to your destinations using some benefit you learned from the site. I certainly am!

While everyone is stuck at the gate, or in traffic, I am enjoying my hipster brunch here at the AA Admiral’s Club at ORD. I’m thinking is fully worth it even if I have to pay the annual fee in January. If we split the $450 over 10 AUs its only $45 a person! Thats a whole another post right there

Watching the sunrise at the lounge I finally had some time to work on the blog. I stumbled on this on the amex site:

Looks like they are offering 70K for the AmEx Delta Reserve® Credit Card! This was previously offered for the Business version of the card, which is only now 40k. The current offers are:

If you want to hit Delta hard please use the links below:

  1. Delta Personal Reserve
  2. Delta Personal Platinum
  3. Delta Personal Gold
  4. Delta Personal Blue
  5. Delta Business Reserve
  6. Delta Business Platinum
  7. Delta Business Gold


6 thoughts on “Delta Reserve Personal AmEx Now @ 70k

  1. JC/O3/Army says:

    I will attend if you ever host a FTU – currently stationed in Germany.

  2. troynewman says:

    Sounds amazing! I would attend your FTU. I am currently stationed in Japan.

  3. Patrick says:

    This blog is pure gold; can’t believe you’ve been writing for 3 years and I’ve missed it until now – an image search to see how amex plat uber credits show up in app (of all things) got me here. All those plats make me wish I (or a spouse) was in the military 😮 Anyways, you implied an interest in this post regarding splitting the cost of an AA exec card / AUs for lounge access….I’ve had the same idea for some time. Email me if you wish to discuss!

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Happy New Year! As of right now I have 10 AUs on my Executive AA Card, sorry bud. I am sure some readers out here would be glad to do a 10 way split!

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