Chase Ups Their War on Churning: How To Fake 0/24

Well, we done did it! Chase finally shut the door on us churners by applying 5/24 rules on their remaining cards. The for sure datapoints for 5/24 expansion are for Hyatt Cards, IHG and British Airways. Previously we could get these cards despite having more than 5 new cards in a rolling 24 month period. For example this report shows someone that is at 10/24:

In the past we could apply for these cards regardless of how many cards we have had in the past. Chase’s high end cards such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve and United club card have a limitation where if you have 5 cards anywhere in 24 month period they would simply deny you, but I know for certain that this rule will expand now for every Chase card. Keep in mind that you will be denied for a new Chase card if your credit karma report shows ANY more than 5 cards in a 24 month period from ANY bank!

The rumor that 5 cards in a 48 months window has been squashed! Now for those that want to get in on the chase action, I suggest you fly under the radar for 24 months by applying for any of these AmEx Business cards (in this order) since they are not reported to the credit agency. Hit only these cards over 24 months to get under 5/24, then apply for chase cards:

  1. AmEx Platinum Business
  2. AmEx Gold Business
  3. AmEx Green Business

The name of the game here is to upgrade the Biz green and gold (right away, no 1 year wait needed) for a total of 3 Biz Platinums in order to capture Delta, United, and American Airlines for the 35% points back. These cards also don’t count against your 5 AmEx credit card max.

  1. Delta Reserve BIz
  2. Delta Platinum Biz
  3. Delta Gold Biz

Here you would then upgrade the Gold and Platinum to two more reserve cards for a total of 3 annual first class companion passes for delta. Extra bonus if you live in Hawai’i since you can use them to fly from Hawai’i to the mainland.

  1. Hilton Honors Business
  2. Blue Business Plus
  3. SPG Business 

These above cards are kind of a dead end since they can’t be upgraded to anything with an annual benefit. The SPG Biz does come with one free night (up to 35k points), but I rather have the SPG Lux card. You can just hit these last three cards and replace them with the consumer version after you get all the chase cards you want.

  1. AmEx Plum Card
  2. SimplyCash Card
  3. Lowes Business Rewards

These last 3 cards I have no other experience with, but are some interesting Business card options.


6 thoughts on “Chase Ups Their War on Churning: How To Fake 0/24

  1. Alex says:

    Good update, you may want to update the churning guide to reflect these changes.

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  5. David Lindeman says:


    I’m LOL/24, so gonna try to work this Biz route to get myself back under and make churn headway in the meantime. For the Delta Plat & Gold Biz cards, what’s the wait time for the PC to the Reserve? Thanks bud!

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