New Data Point: $200 AA For Single Gift Card Credit on AmEx Plat (Biz & Personal)

Good news! My O-6 select friend in Hawai’i and myself were successfully credited for a single $200 AA Gift Card using his AmEx Personal Platinum (Upgraded from PRG) and my own Biz Business Platinum (just recently upgraded from Gold Business). Initially my friend goofed and bought a $200 not knowing that $100 was the supposed max gift card denomination for AA. Multiple flyer talk data points found here said a single $200 gift card would not work, however our evidence speaks otherwise. On 09 October 2018 he charged $200 for a single gift card and was reimbursed three days later:

I upgraded my Business Gold Card after hitting my $5k spend for 50k points. It took me over 12 tries in the online chat to get a CSR to upgrade me. I then immediately chose American Airlines via chat and charged $200 for a gift card:

I charged a $200 AA gift card on 06 November 2018 and got the credit two days after on 08 November. These two data points seem to be pretty solid. I need more input from all those readers out there, and so please post in the comments on your personal experience in buying $200 gift cards with AA. If the $200 credit is true then we should also test if a single gift card of $250 works on the Hilton Aspire. This would be a game changer, since we are limited to 8 AA gift cards per ticket, now we can book up to $1,650 a reservation. If true, then I would now choose the following airlines for my credits in 2019 long term plan (links go to referral):

  1. AmEx Platinum (Vanilla) $200 AA
  2. AmEx Platinum (Mercedes-Benz) $200 AA
  3. AmEx Platinum (Charles Schwab) $200 AA
  4. AmEx Platinum (Morgan Stanley) $200 AA
  5. AmEx Platinum (Previous Premier Rewards Gold) $200 AA
  6. AmEx Platinum (Previous Green) $200 AA
  7. AmEx Platinum (Ameriprise) $200 AA
  8. AmEx Platinum (Previous Ameriprise Gold (Upgrade March 2019)) $200 AA
  9. AmEx Platinum Biz (Previous Biz Gold) $200 AA
  10. AmEx Platinum Biz (Previous Biz Green) $200 Delta
  11. AmEx Platinum Biz (Vanilla) $200 United
  12. Hilton Honors Aspire $250 Southwest
  13. Hilton Honors Aspire (Was Hilton Honors (December 2019 Upgrade)) $250 AA
  14. Wife’s AmEx Platinum (Vanilla) $200 AA
  15. Wife’s AmEx Platinum (Mercedes-Benz) $200 AA
  16. Wife’s AmEx Platinum (Charles Schwab) $200 AA
  17. Wife’s AmEx Platinum (Morgan Stanley) $200 AA
  18. Wife’s AmEx Platinum (Previous Premier Rewards Gold) $200 United
  19. Wife’s AmEx Platinum Biz (Previous Biz Gold) $200 AA
  20. Wife’s AmEx Platinum Biz (Previous Biz Green (instant Upgrade 2019)) $200 Delta
  21. Wife’s AmEx Platinum Biz (Vanilla) $200 United
  22. Wife’s Hilton Honors Aspire (Apply After 5/24 drops and Chase cards) $250 AA
  23. Wife’s Hilton Honors Aspire (Was Ascend) $250 AA (after 1st Aspire Bonus)

When we tally the score up it is incredible:

AA Delta United Southwest Total
Platnium 13
Biz Plat 2 2 2
Aspire 3 1
Totals $3,600 $400 $400 $250 $4,650

This is just counting airline gift cards! I think $4,650 is plenty of flights for a year. For those that think this is too much work, let’s divide this amount by federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. You will realize this bonus is worth at least 642 hours of minimum wage!


12 thoughts on “New Data Point: $200 AA For Single Gift Card Credit on AmEx Plat (Biz & Personal)

  1. O1ForLife says:

    I was able to purchase a $200 gift card from AA on 28 Sept 2018 and was reimbursed $200 29 Sep 2018. I just had to pay a $4.95 tax on my purchase.

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  3. Iwakuni-O3 says:

    Additional confirmation data point: I purchased a $200 AA gift card 13NOV and was reimbursed $200 “AMEX airline credit” 15NOV. Has anyone here tried for a $250 AA credit with the Hilton Aspire card yet?

  4. Lejeune-O3 says:

    Confirmation data point on Personal Platinum. $200 AA gift card.

  5. Julius says:

    Confirmed. Purchased $200 AA gift card on 18 Nov and reimbursed on 20 Nov.

  6. el_georgie says:

    $200 credit with aspire. Purchased on 20 Nov and credit posted 22 nov. Next year, going to try the full $250 and see what happens. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Iwakuni-O3 says:

    New data point: Used HH Aspire Card to purchase $250 AA GC. The transaction posted 19NOV & was reimbursed 21NOV!

  8. Alex says:

    I appear to be having trouble (my address with Amex is overseas APO address) When I put in a physical address in the US (mother’s house), it doesn’t accept it as it is not connected to my card. Do you have any suggestions?

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