The $400 WeBull Challenge Is On!


January 2019

December 2018

We got 10 participants for the WeBull Challenge!

Each participant will post their portfolio’s at the end of the day today. I have some preliminary screen shots from three participants right now. They will report in at the close of market on the first of each month.





Julia’s College Fund & Magoo:
Current Standings:
    1. Jouster $1,010,427.01
    1. Heimtime $1,007,259.08
    1. Julia’s College Fund, Magoo (Tie) $1,000,000
    1. MJV305 $996,327.42
    1. Derpreporter $989,313.34
  1. SheepDoggyDogg $???

I am still waiting on three others to report in their first day trades. I just ask everyone participating to be a good sport and not reset their paper money accounts if they are in the crapper like me! Plus we can all tell and do some back testing on your monthly holdings!

Plus I hope the top 3 have balances far beyond $1,000,000!

Keep posted! Thank you for all that are participating!


7 thoughts on “The $400 WeBull Challenge Is On!

  1. Mike says:

    How should I send you the screenshot?

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