Chase Ups Their War on Churning: How To Fake 0/24

Well, we done did it! Chase finally shut the door on us churners buy applying 5/24 rules on their remaining cards. The for sure datapoints for 5/24 expansion are for Hyatt Cards, IHG and British Airways. Previously we could get these cards despite having more than 5 new cards in a rolling 24 month period. For example this report shows someone that is at 10/24:

In the past we could apply for these cards regardless of how many cards we have had in the past. Chase’s high end cards such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve and United club card have a limitation where if you have 5 cards anywhere in 24 month period they would simply deny you, but I know for certain that this rule will expand now for every Chase card. Keep in mind that you will be denied for a new Chase card if your credit karma report shows ANY more than 5 cards in a 24 month period from ANY bank!

The rumor that 5 cards in a 48 months window has been squashed! Now for those that want to get in on the chase action, I suggest you fly under the radar for 24 months by applying for any of these AmEx Business cards (in this order) since they are not reported to the credit agency. Hit only these cards over 24 months to get under 5/24, then apply for chase cards:

  1. AmEx Platinum Business
  2. AmEx Gold Business
  3. AmEx Green Business

The name of the game here is to upgrade the Biz green and gold (right away, no 1 year wait needed) for a total of 3 Biz Platinums in order to capture Delta, United, and American Airlines for the 35% points back. These cards also don’t count against your 5 AmEx credit card max.

  1. Delta Reserve BIz
  2. Delta Platinum Biz
  3. Delta Gold Biz

Here you would then upgrade the Gold and Platinum to two more reserve cards for a total of 3 annual first class companion passes for delta. Extra bonus if you live in Hawai’i since you can use them to fly from Hawai’i to the mainland.

  1. Hilton Honors Business
  2. Blue Business Plus
  3. SPG Business 

These above cards are kind of a dead end since they can’t be upgraded to anything with an annual benefit. The SPG Biz does come with one free night (up to 35k points), but I rather have the SPG Lux card. You can just hit these last three cards and replace them with the consumer version after you get all the chase cards you want.

  1. AmEx Plum Card
  2. SimplyCash Card
  3. Lowes Business Rewards

These last 3 cards I have no other experience with, but are some interesting Business card options.


New Data Point: $200 AA For Single Gift Card Credit on AmEx Plat (Biz & Personal)

Good news! My O-6 select friend in Hawai’i and myself were successfully credited for a single $200 AA Gift Card using his AmEx Personal Platinum (Upgraded from PRG) and my own Biz Business Platinum (just recently upgraded from Gold Business). Initially my friend goofed and bought a $200 not knowing that $100 was the supposed max gift card denomination for AA. Multiple flyer talk data points found here said a single $200 gift card would not work, however our evidence speaks otherwise. On 09 October 2018 he charged $200 for a single gift card and was reimbursed three days later:

I upgraded my Business Gold Card after hitting my $5k spend for 50k points. It took me over 12 tries in the online chat to get a CSR to upgrade me. I then immediately chose American Airlines via chat and charged $200 for a gift card:

I charged a $200 AA gift card on 06 November 2018 and got the credit two days after on 08 November. These two data points seem to be pretty solid. I need more input from all those readers out there, and so please post in the comments on your personal experience in buying $200 gift cards with AA. If the $200 credit is true then we should also test if a single gift card of $250 works on the Hilton Aspire. This would be a game changer, since we are limited to 8 AA gift cards per ticket, now we can book up to $1,650 a reservation. If true, then I would now choose the following airlines for my credits in 2019 long term plan (links go to referral):

  1. AmEx Platinum (Vanilla) $200 AA
  2. AmEx Platinum (Mercedes-Benz) $200 AA
  3. AmEx Platinum (Charles Schwab) $200 AA
  4. AmEx Platinum (Morgan Stanley) $200 AA
  5. AmEx Platinum (Previous Premier Rewards Gold) $200 AA
  6. AmEx Platinum (Previous Green) $200 AA
  7. AmEx Platinum (Ameriprise) $200 AA
  8. AmEx Platinum (Previous Ameriprise Gold (Upgrade March 2019)) $200 AA
  9. AmEx Platinum Biz (Previous Biz Gold) $200 AA
  10. AmEx Platinum Biz (Previous Biz Green) $200 Delta
  11. AmEx Platinum Biz (Vanilla) $200 United
  12. Hilton Honors Aspire $250 Southwest
  13. Hilton Honors Aspire (Was Hilton Honors (December 2019 Upgrade)) $250 AA
  14. Wife’s AmEx Platinum (Vanilla) $200 AA
  15. Wife’s AmEx Platinum (Mercedes-Benz) $200 AA
  16. Wife’s AmEx Platinum (Charles Schwab) $200 AA
  17. Wife’s AmEx Platinum (Morgan Stanley) $200 AA
  18. Wife’s AmEx Platinum (Previous Premier Rewards Gold) $200 United
  19. Wife’s AmEx Platinum Biz (Previous Biz Gold) $200 AA
  20. Wife’s AmEx Platinum Biz (Previous Biz Green (instant Upgrade 2019)) $200 Delta
  21. Wife’s AmEx Platinum Biz (Vanilla) $200 United
  22. Wife’s Hilton Honors Aspire (Apply After 5/24 drops and Chase cards) $250 AA
  23. Wife’s Hilton Honors Aspire (Was Ascend) $250 AA (after 1st Aspire Bonus)

When we tally the score up it is incredible:

AA Delta United Southwest Total
Platnium 13
Biz Plat 2 2 2
Aspire 3 1
Totals $3,600 $400 $400 $250 $4,650

This is just counting airline gift cards! I think $4,650 is plenty of flights for a year. For those that think this is too much work, let’s divide this amount by federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. You will realize this bonus is worth at least 642 hours of minimum wage!


210k Delta Sky Miles, 30K MQM for $11k Spend: Ends 07 Nov 2018

Right now the three best offers of 70,000 Delta Sky Miles and 10k MQM for the AmEx Personal & Business Delta Platinum ($3k spend in 3 months) as well as the Delta Business Reserve card ($5k spend in 3 months) end in about two days. The first card is the Delta Reserve for Business:

And the Personal Platinum Delta:

And finally the Business Delta Card:

With $11k spend over the holiday season you would get enough sky miles for 16.8 bottles of Dom Pérignon Champagne Brut 2009 in the Delta Sky Club at 12,500 miles a pop:

or better yet almost two round trip tickets on a non-stop from JFK to LAX on your own bed in Delta One:

but if you want to spread it out you can get 19 flights from ORD to JFK:

Your 30,000 MQM would bring you instant Gold status for next year. You could also apply for the Personal Delta Reserve to get another 10k MQM and 40,000 Sky Miles, but to spend $14,000 in 3 months would be a bit much. If you have a spouse they can hit their own Delta Reserve and gift the 20k MQM to you. If you hit all 4 cards and tak your gift points you would have enough MQM for gold without even flying!

Keep in mind each card gets the annual fee waived for AD and some spouses, and each one comes with a companion pass every year starting with completing the first year of having the card. The reserve companion pass can be used from Hawaii for first class or Main Cabin. The Platinum companion pass works only for Main Cabin, but you can upgrade the card to another Delta reserve after one year (presumably no wait for the business version (no datapoint yet))

If you want to take advantage please use the links below:

  1. Business Delta Platinum (70k Sky Miles, 10K MQM, $3k Spend)
  2. Personal Delta Platinum (70k Sky Miles, 10K MQM, $3k Spend)
  3. Personal Delta Reserve (40k Sky Miles, 10K MQM, $3k Spend)
  4. Business Delta Reserve (70k Sky Miles, 10K MQM, $5k Spend)


Even with 5 Cards, $25k Loan Approved, but 0.00% APR Will Be a Challenge

This is an update to the 0.00% SCRA waved loan from AmEx I wrote about here. Reader Marcus writes:

So I’ve gone through this process and took the $25K loan through a login that already had several cards with SCRA benefits. Unfortunately, AMEX did not automatically apply benefits to the loan and I am projected to pay roughly 7% APR. Calling into the personal loans customer service will get you referred to the SCRA customer service number which simply reads off your benefits but then doesn’t provide any support. No one knows how to apply SCRA benefits to your loan through any of the numbers I called and I was constantly transferred back and forth to the same departments. I finally decided to simply resubmit the online SCRA benefits inquiry and then under “other accounts to be considered for SCRA benifits” I wrote down my personal loan number. Then at the end of the inquiry I added an explanation that I was resubmitting only to have SCRA applied to my loan. That was 9 days ago and I am currently waiting for my request to be processed.

The process is NOT a slam dunk as Marcus eludes to. Today, I logged into the application status check site and saw this:

Clicking on the link showed me welcome news:

So they gave me three days to decide if this is a worthwhile venture, check out the interest rates if it all falls apart:

We are looking at about $2,372.07 without a waiver (which is about 4.3 AmEx Platinum annual fees). I am surprised that even with 5 credit card slots taken, we got the loan offer! I went ahead and accepted the loan and got this message:

You’ve successfully obtained an American Express® Personal Loan!

A link to access your loan documents, including your signed Loan Agreement, has been emailed to you for later reference. Your American Express® Personal Loan will be available to view in your American Express online account within the next 72 hours.

What happens now?

We will send your loan funds to the credit card accounts you designated in your loan application. It may take some time for your credit card banks to post the loan funds to your credit card accounts. In some cases, it is possible that your credit card banks may reject loan funds from us. If any loan funds do not post to your cards within two weeks, please contact your credit card bank. Please remember to continue making all required payments on your credit cards.

Now time to apply for the SCRA waiver. From the article at Military Money Manual says:

Military Hotline for SCRA Personal Loans at 1-800-253-1720 or 1-336-393-1111.

Ask for your loan to be reviewed for SCRA military benefits. Be polite and courteous! They may take a few days to review your account and then send you an email.

I called the first number and they pretty much transferred me to the personal loan department which suggested I just ask customer service to do a blanket review of all my account for the SCRA. I reached out to someone who got the 0.00% SCRA letter such as reddit user u/FreshBalkiB who suggested I just call the number on the back of my Platinum card. I turned to the online submission for SCRA benefits and got a slew of options:

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) eligibility:

  • Any member of the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard) or a reserve component called to active duty (Reserve, National Guard, and Air National Guard).
  • National Guard personnel under a call or order to active duty for more than 30 consecutive days (for purposes of responding to a national emergency declared by the President and supported by federal funds).
  • Public Health Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officers.
  • U.S. citizens serving with the forces of a nation with which U.S. is allied in the prosecution of a war or military action.
  • Spouses of active duty Servicemembers listed above where credit is extended to a Servicemember and spouse jointly.

Requesting Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) benefits:

Submitting your request online is the fastest way to request SCRA benefits. You may also submit any relevant documents through the Document Center: this includes paperwork establishing active duty, such as documentation prepared exclusively by a branch of the military, the Department of Defense or your commanding officer which indicates that you are on active duty (e.g., active duty orders, change of station orders, DD-214 forms, letters from commanding officers, etc.).

Please note that SCRA benefits can only be requested online if the Card account you’ve selected is enrolled in American Express Online Services. If it is not, you may enroll your Card now.

Call the number on the back of your Card or 1-800-253-1720 to submit a request. If you are outside the United States, you can call us collect at 1-336-393-1111.

Fax documents establishing your active duty to 623-444-3000. Please make sure to include the applicable American Express Account numbers.

Send a copy of documents establishing your active duty to: American Express, Attn: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, PO Box 981535, El Paso, TX 79998-1535. Please make sure to include the applicable American Express Account numbers.

SCRA benefit review process:

We will determine eligibility and confirm active duty by reviewing any military documents provided and by checking the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) website. If we are unable to confirm active duty, we will send you a written request to obtain a copy of acceptable military documents. You will receive a response within 60 days regarding the status of your request.

SCRA benefit removal process:

If you would like to have SCRA benefits removed from your account, you may contact us via the same methods above.

I tried to submit another request online, but it was not loading for me tonight. I decided to fax in a written request with the proof of AD obtained here. I wrote a letter with the new loan account number asking for SCRA benefits to be applied. More to post as it happens, so stay tuned!


The $400 WeBull Challenge Is On!

We got 10 participants for the WeBull Challenge!

Each participant will post their portfolio’s at the end of the day today. I have some preliminary screen shots from three participants right now. They will report in at the close of market on the first of each month.





Julia’s College Fund & Magoo:
Current Standings:
  1. Jouster $1,010,427.01
  2. Heimtime $1,007,259.08
  3. Julia’s College Fund, Magoo (Tie) $1,000,000
  4. MJV305 $996,327.42
  5. Derpreporter $989,313.34
  6. SheepDoggyDogg $???

I am still waiting on three others to report in their first day trades. I just ask everyone participating to be a good sport and not reset their paper money accounts if they are in the crapper like me! Plus we can all tell and do some back testing on your monthly holdings!

Plus I hope the top 3 have balances far beyond $1,000,000!

Keep posted! Thank you for all that are participating!