Marriott Gift Cards are Charged As Room Rate (In Person Only)

I had just a few days left to redeem this offer:

I happened to be in Waikiki, so I walked in with my O-6 select buddy stationed in Hawai’i and bought a physical gift card at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort:

When the charged posted, it was coded as category: Travel – Lodging, and showed an entire month’s stay:

This triggered the AmEx offer of $60 back on $300 spend:

It also took the last bit off from my remaining $300 annual hotel credit for SPG Lux:

I am not alone on this datapoint, reader Scott says:

Hey Derp, wanted to add another datapoint. I was able to buy a $300 gift card from a Marriott front desk in the Bay Area and it got reimbursed just a few days later. I was able to do it again with my upgraded card, this time buying a $360 gift card and getting reimbursed for the $300 credit and the $60 of $300 spent Amex offer. After my card renewal later this month, I’m going to do it a third time for a grand total of $960 in Marriott gift cards in around 2 months of having the cards.

Reader RWHR writes:

It worked on $300 gift card at hotel front desk. It triggered the $300 credit plus it triggered the $60/$300 promotion I had added to the account as a sweet bonus! I bought gift card on Monday. $60 credit showed up on Thursday and $300 credit on Saturday (Hotel was the JW Marriott)

Now I tried to buy a card at the Courtyard By Marriott in Waikiki, but was sent to the real Marriott down the road, Scott also had the same experience in SFO:

I did it at a local hotel’s front desk, and got physical gift cards.  Not all Marriots do it though.. I had to call a few before I found one that did.  I’d say the bigger one’s in the cities are your best bet- I had no luck at any of the other Residence Inns or Towneplaces etc that were closer to my home.

The gift card can be applied at the end of any stay towards room rate as well as any incidentals. I have not tried buying online, but will keep this trick in mind in case I don’t spend the $300 on my SPG lux card before it resets! Please use this link if you are at all interested in the SPG Lux.



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