The Perks of Multiple Business Platinums

There has been multiple reports of inconsistent upgrade practices regarding a product change from AmEx Business Green, and Business Gold to a second AmEx Business Platinum. I was able to upgrade mine via online chat just a mere 2 weeks of applying for the card. I spent $6.56 at Walgreens and paid the balance when it posted on October 2nd.

Three days later my 5k MR point bonus hit:

I then used the online chat and Upgraded from my business green to platinum after trying three times.

There are three reasons we are seeking multiple Business Platinums. One is for the sweet $200 in airline fee reimbursements we get every January 1 to use on Delta, AA, and Southwest gift cards. If we can do this upgrade before the year is up we can get a gift card now and again in January. Another is the fact that all the AmEx business products don’t show on your credit reports as they use their own internal systems for approval. This means there won’t be any cards against you if you are seeking 5/24.

The best reason for multiple biz plats is for the 35% points back when booking flights with points on amex travel. You only get 35% on the airline you select, so with multiple Airlines selected you can get effectively 1.5 cents per point for multiple airlines. Whenever I book an airline ticket (of the airline I selected) with MR points I get this email:

For example I selected American Airlines for my new Biz Green Turned Platinum and booked 2 tickets to Springfield, MO to go and visit Branson for 80,128 MR points. In 6-10 weeks I should get 28,044 MR points back (35%) effectively costing only 52,084 MR for a $801.28 fare for two. This makes it out to being 1.5 cents per point which is par with Chase Sapphire Reserve level of redemption.

I am planning to select United, American, Delta, and Southwest to both diversify my points redemption possibility and also to have gift cards (with exception of United) in each airline. I am also happy to show an interesting datapoint my O-6 select friend in Hawaii was able to get a $200 gift card reimbursed for American airlines (previously possible with $100 cards):

Now MR points for Southwest is tricky, you just have to charge the Southwest tickets to the card and then call customer service after the purchase to apply points to the charge. Million Mile Secrets suggests these steps:

Fortunately, there is a workaround that is faster and more convenient.  And I’ve recently had success using it!

Several AMEX travel agents have told me to go ahead and make a flight booking directly at using my AMEX Business Platinum card.

Then, after the charge posts, call AMEX Travel at 800-297-2977 and request to pay with AMEX Membership Rewards points.

It is all here in the terms:

If you select Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, or AirTran Airways, to receive your 35% Airline Bonus you must call Business Platinum Travel Service at 1-800-553-9497. A flight booked as part of a travel package or booked with the American Express U.S. Representative Travel Network is not eligible for the 35% Airline Bonus. In addition, to be eligible to receive extra points, Card account(s) must not be cancelled or past due at the time of extra points fulfillment. If booking is canceled, the extra points will be deducted from your Membership Rewards account. Extra points will be credited to your Membership Rewards account approximately 6-10 weeks after eligible airfare purchases appear on your billing statement. See for Membership Rewards program terms and conditions. This 35% Airline Bonus is the maximum Membership Rewards points you can get back for Pay with Points on flights booked with American Express Travel. Bonus ID: A6ZB.

Diversification over multiple Biz Platinums will make redemption of points more worthwhile. There are several airlines to choose from:

Here is my current situation and how I am planning to diversify my gift card portfolio:

  1. My Biz Gold turned Platinum: American Airlines
  2. My Biz Platinum: Southwest Airlines
  3. My Biz Green turned Platinum: Delta
  4. Wife’s Biz Platinum: American Airlines
  5. Wife’s Biz Gold turned Platinum: United Airlines

I hit American Airlines twice to take advance of both points pools. I didn’t want to be stuck with United twice because their travel bank is still broken. If you want to apply for any of the AmEx Business Products, please use my links below:


11 thoughts on “The Perks of Multiple Business Platinums

  1. steve says:

    I’m not even sure you can use sw as a transfer using the agent method now a days. if so, the transfer rate is really bad now. look at the comments

  2. Matt says:


    What order do you apply for the biz cards? Also, how do you explain why you want a platinum and gold and green card if you already have a biz platinum?

  3. uiucderp2011 says:

    Get the Biz Plat first, spend the $20k for 75k MR, then get a gold and make its own log in, then get a green with its own log in. I never had to explain why, I just use the online chat without incident!

    • Matt says:

      Awesome, I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Mike says:

      After you successfully upgrade, do you personally keep your biz gold/green on their own separate logins? Or do you then consolidate your multiple biz plats back onto your main?

      • uiucderp2011 says:

        i keep them separated because there was a glitch that did not let me apply the dell or saks credit to each platinum card.

  4. wedstuntpuller says:

    Any DPs on whether or not getting the green welcome bonus before the platinum nullifies the platinum bonus? Gonna take me a while to hit MS on the Biz platinum without manufacturing, and was hoping to at least get the green and upgrade it before the end of june to take advantage of the free Dell money.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      as long as you don’t upgrade the green to a platinum you can get the platinum bonus. If you were to get the green then get the bonus, and then upgrade to platinum then you might not get the platnum bonus ever again!

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