Biz Green To Plat: Denied Three Times Before The CSR Folded

Shout out to my reader Dan who pointed out the loophole that allows product changes without a one year wait for business cards. I followed his steps, and I was able to successfully upgrade my Green Biz today to Platinum Biz in less than a week of having it open! This, of course, was met with a lot of inconsistencies among Customer Service Reps (CSR).

On 25 September 2018 I got the Business Green Card, and I received the card on 30 Sep 2018 and charged a single charge of $6.56 at Walgreen’s:

The charge posted on 01 October and I paid off the amount the next day. By 05 October the 5,000 points posted to the account:

This is when things got weird. I was denied three times to upgrade from Green Business to Platinum Business:

  1. I called the number on the back of my Green Card and requested the upgrade, everything went alright until I was put on hold for about 20 mins. They said that the computer stated I had just opened the card that day, and I had to wait one billing cycle before any upgrade could take place. I was given a date of 24 October to call back to upgrade on despite having the account open on 30 Sept 2018
  2. I logged in and used the online chat to upgrade and was told that only downgrades can take place in chat, and I was directed to another site to upgrade without any success
  3. I logged in again and was told that one year of green was needed to upgrade the card

and this is the last denial:

Then I HUCA on online chat and finally got what I wanted:

Success! I got another successful verification message later on in chat:

If you get denied in one of many ways, Hang Up and Call Again (HUAC) you will eventually get someone that will go ahead and upgrade the AmEx Green Business to Platinum with no delay. You don’t even have to wait till the 5k points post according to Dan. I got the green in the mail on 30 Sept, and now I have another Biz Plat by 05 October for another $200 flight credit before the year ends! Use my link here if you want to take the same ride!


3 thoughts on “Biz Green To Plat: Denied Three Times Before The CSR Folded

  1. lex787 says:

    How do you think, would it bring unnecessary attention to the account that someone has so many platinum cards? I was just thinking at what time amex will start cracking down on waived fee platinum cards, which we can ruin for ourselves by being greedy and constantly bringing attention to our accounts

  2. uiucderp2011 says:

    Well certainly this has come to mind to take it easy on the multiple platinums. If you saw what happened to the Gold Luxury Card from Barclay this is a possibility for a shutdown due to popularity.

    This would be very selfish of me to keep these data points to myself. We are a very small community and hope that people find this information useful. I also think most people don’t do the multiple platinum trick and just want to put it out there that it is possible.

    Keep in mind all of our fee waivers will come to an end, either we separate from the military after 4 or retire at 20 years. We are limited in our time with these waivers. I know for one, I will be an AmEx lifer, and gladly pay the fee for a single AmEx Plat for the rest of my time here on earth.

    For the time being, this loophole is wide open, and I for one will constantly push this limit, for you the reader! Now Chase is smart and cut down on the multiple Sapphire trick, but I am not foolish enough to believe it could not happen to AmEx.

    Better get it while its out there I guess.


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