SPG LUX Datapoint Summary

Our Ritz Application Loophole worked! Despite having the Ritz card, I was able to get the SPG Lux bonus. Once I hit my $5,000 spend I was issued the 100k points on the AmEx site, showing up as YTD points earned:

Once the statement was paid the points showed up in my account along with my 55k from your referrals (thanks for the support):

On the player 2 side, my wife converted her SPG Personal to an SPG lux over the phone. She should have waited for an upgrade offer of 100k, but we were pressed for time as she had an upcoming girl’s trip to the Ritz in Toronto. We asked for the 100k, but no such offer existed for her upgrade. Some other readers report being patient and having the offer suddenly appear. She had booked the ritz with the old points system before August for 50K points per night. She spent $262.11 on breakfast and lunch in room dining and charged it to the room:

The charges were credited less than a week later:

She will have another $37.89 to go on the credits till her card anniversary. On my side I had the room rate reimbursed over 3 rooms:

 Hope you guys are just as successful with your AmEx SPG Lux card! Sine we have maxed out our referrals, feel free to post your SPG Lux referrals below for other readers.


10 thoughts on “SPG LUX Datapoint Summary

  1. ET says:

    Also had success with the $300 credits posting quickly. Keep in mind that according to the terms, charges are only eligible if they’re charged to a room. Have confirmed that paying with the card at hotel restaurants is not eligible for credits if paid directly at the restaurant with the card, it only worked when charged to the room account.

    Referral below, if anyone is interested.

  2. RWHR says:

    Derp, thanks for letting us post our referral!

    In regards to the Marriott $300 credit. I booked my wife and mother in law both a $150 massage at the JW Marriott Spa here in San Antonio for next week. I figured it would get reimbursed, but after reading ETs comment i’m not sure anymore. What do you think about the spa services? Thanks

    • ET says:

      Below is from the terms and conditions. It specifically mentions spa charges as needing to be charged to a room, but results might vary based on hotel. We tried a restaurant since we were going to spend money there anyway.

      “Incidental charges (including charges made at restaurants, spas and other establishments within the hotel property) must be charged to your room and paid for with your Starwood Preferred Guest® American Express Luxury Card at checkout in order to be recognized as SPG or Marriott Rewards purchases.”

  3. Scott says:

    Hey Derp, wanted to add another datapoint. I was able to buy a $300 gift card from a Marriott front desk in the Bay Area and it got reimbursed just a few days later. I was able to do it again with my upgraded card, this time buying a $360 gift card and getting reimbursed for the $300 credit and the $60 of $300 spent Amex offer. After my card renewal later this month, I’m going to do it a third time for a grand total of $960 in Marriott gift cards in around 2 months of having the cards

    Thanks again for all the advice!


    • Terence C says:

      Did you have to do this as part of a stay? I’m wondering if I have to wait for a stay, or if I can go to one of the local hotels? Also, did you receive a physical gift card, or was it the digital version? Thanks, Terence

      • Scott says:

        I did it at a local hotel’s front desk, and got physical gift cards. Not all Marriots do it though.. I had to call a few before I found one that did. I’d say the bigger one’s in the cities are your best bet- I had no luck at any of the other Residence Inns or Towneplaces etc that were closer to my home.

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