United Gift Registry Updated!!!

Time for a click-bait shit post! I was curious to see if United had done anything to revive their gift registry that we had used up to 2017 for dumping our AmEx Platinum credits. This October marks one year since the site closed its doors to the United AmEx gift card loophole. Today, I am happy to report some changes to the site!

United has dropped the red text as well as the mention of “Early 2018”

Overall it looks like United Gift Registry is gone forever. Compare this new site to the old message:

Looks like “Early 2018” has come and gone. I am prepared to hit 28 x $100 AA Gift Cards starting January 2019 to use up my AmEx Plat credits over 14 cards! Other options are $200 Southwest or $50 Delta. Other airlines you can still use for in flight amenities and baggage and upgrade fees only. However I have proven that this would be impossible to do over our collection. Don’t forget to pick a new airline coming this January!


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  1. […] and Southwest have been the only option for gift cards since United shutdown their registry in Sept 2017, and American Airlines started reporting Gift Cards on 08 Feb […]

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