AmEx Business Green and Gold Instant Upgrade to Platinum (No 1 year wait)

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Since Active Duty military get the annual $550 fee on AmEx Platinum waived, it makes sense for us to get multiple versions of these cards to duplicate annual benefits like $200 for Uber, $200 for Airlines, $100 for Saks for each card. Some of us have maxed out all the co-branded versions with Mercedes-Benz, Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, Ameriprise, and Goldman Sachs (LOL, not me).

After that we have had to resort to getting the lower personal cards in order to upgrade them a year later to get multiple higher versions. For example I got the AmEx Green and PRG and upgraded them to the Platinum in one year. The one year wait is a provision of the Credit CARD act of 2009 that has a prohibition of changing terms and conditions within one year of a new card opening.

Turns out this law only applies to personal credit cards, business cards are excluded! This came up in the monthly /r/MilitaryMS thread here. User OrangePartyLamp writes:

There is no wait on business cards, DerpReport reader Dan writes:

as an update – after i upgraded my biz gold the other night i have opened a new biz green and biz gold for both me and my wife without issue. furthermore, even without having Received the card yet, I chatted with the CSR online asking if my account was eligible for upgrade to business platinum and they said yes

The best part is you can select a different airline for each one of your new AmEx Platinum Business card to get 35% points back when booking with the three major airlines with points! For example you select Delta and buy 4x $50 gift cards, next one you pick United (No gift cards here), then last one you pick American Airlines and buy 2x $100 gift cards. You would therefore get 35% cashback (1.5 cents per MR point) because you have a Biz Platinum selected for each airline!

I would start with getting the AmEx Biz Plat for the hefty 75,000 MR on $20k spend (try the coin churn?). Then the green (5k MR for any spend in one year), then finish with the Biz gold for 50k for $5k spend in 90 days! If you choose to upgrade the Green or Gold off the bat you would be ineligible for the 75k on Biz Platinum forever!

Use my link here to apply for all three cards, or this one direct for green, just select the choose the view other cards option to pick the card you want:

The green just takes a single buy to get 5k points, and gold is $5k for 50k MR! Just get the card and in a week or so upgrade them to another Plat for an annual $200 towards flights! I got approved right away despite Applying for both the SPG Lux and the IHG Premier in the last 90 days:

Just got to spend any amount for 5k MR:

If you don’t think you will ever do the $20k spend then go ahead and get all three this year for a sweet $600 on flights in the form of 12 x $50 Delta Gift cards or 3 x $200 Southwest gift cards or 6x $100 American Airlines Gift Cards. Then repeat every January!


17 thoughts on “AmEx Business Green and Gold Instant Upgrade to Platinum (No 1 year wait)

  1. RWHR says:

    Great post. Two questions.
    1.) If we got the gold business and upgraded immediately would the $5k for 50k MR offer transfer to the new platinum or do we need to wait to upgrade until meeting the spending bonus
    2.) Is there any type of 2/90 day rule with the amex business cards or are they included in the 2/90 amex rule?


  2. uiucderp2011 says:

    1) Make spend, then upgrade! Although there is no datapoint here, but I would not risk it! Better yet, get the biz plat bonus, then apply for another gold, and spend for bonus, then upgrade to plat number 2, then hit green and do the same.

    2) This is my second AmEx, but third card in 90 days, I did the SPG Lux, then IHG Premier from chase, so I could be that datapoint if I apply for another card and get denied.

  3. Dave says:

    Any idea if this unlimited plat churn will get shut down ever? Or make Amex mad and kill our accounts? Chase has me all scared these days, lol.

    • Ryan says:

      I share the same concerns. If the goal is to ride the plat train as fast and hard as possible, then it’s only a matter of time until someone with XX amount of platinums ruins it for everyone.

  4. Steve says:

    Does Schwab waive annual fee for Schwab Amex Platinum for military? Do you request to Schwab or Amex?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      you MUST have a schwab account, you must keep it funded! AmEx will handle the card and will waive for military.

      • Christian Bennion says:

        My Schwab account is not funded. Have had the Schwab plat for about 6 months

        • uiucderp2011 says:

          Wow, there is an O-4 here that got his Schwab shut down due to lack of funding it, then came the AmEx Schwab Shutdown!

          • Dan says:

            Interesting. My Schwab checking was closed a while ago after inactivity, but the brokerage account has remained open. I am still waiting on amex to close my morgan stanley platinum since my unfunded morgan stanley investing account was closed over a month ago.

      • Dan says:

        Mine isn’t either; however, I do have activity at least a few months a year from MR redemptions.

  5. lex787 says:

    Do you know about any good sign up bonuses for business gold and platinum? Didnt see 75k business gold and 100k business platinum for quite a while..

  6. RC says:

    How do you upgrade the biz green to platinum? Just call them?

  7. uiucderp2011 says:

    Dan said he spoke to the CSR online chat and was able to do it that way

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