The First $400 Derp Report WeBull Challenge (01 November 2018 to 01 May 2019)

BLUF: Each WeBull account comes with $1,000,000 in fake cash. I say we compete with it for real prizes!

Forget fantasy football, how about fantasy millionaire? How about a game of WeBull Practice with some real gift card prizes? For those that sign up using my link you are eligible to win from me (after proper reporting):

  1. First Prize: One (1) digital $250 Southwest Airlines gIft card (Thanks to AmEx Hilton Aspire)
  2. Second Prize: One (1) digital $100 American Airlines gift card (Thanks to AmEx Platinum)
  3. Third Prize: One (1) Physical $50 Saks Fifth Avenue gift card (Thanks to AmEx Platinum)

Thanks to all the readers who signed up for Webull using my link here:

I ended up getting 7 ABEV and 1 SNAP so far. The best feature of WeBull over RobinHood is the ability to practice trading with $1,000,000 of play money. I say we have enough of a readership to have a friendly competition. To be eligible to win one of the three prizes, you will need to sign up with my link (of which I can check my referrals on the app). To join the game you need to do these steps:

  1. Sign up for WeBull using my link
  2. Verify email and documents (Passport or DL) with WeBull
  3. You will get one free share, and I will get one with your sign up (these do not count for the game)
  4. We are using the practice segment of the app for this game, do not use your actual money for this
  5. DO NOT START (practice) TRADING until 09:30 Eastern Time on Thursday 01 November 2018
  6. Comment below so that I can have your email, and your consent to post your holdings monthly
  7. Report on the first of every month on current holdings and balance with screen shots emailed to me
  8. I will have a monthly leaderboard, so please allow me to report to the group how you are doing

Winners will be judged by total portfolio value including cash value on the close of the NYSE on 16:00 on Wednesday 01 May 2019. Keep in mind:

  • This is a friendly game so no need to be shady with photoshop or hacking the app
  • If I don’t have 10 people participating, the game is no fun and will be canceled
  • Have fun first, prizes later
  • Should we have a prize for last possible place?

Hope you all participate!


10 thoughts on “The First $400 Derp Report WeBull Challenge (01 November 2018 to 01 May 2019)

  1. Andrew Sheep says:

    I’m in – SheepDoggyDogg

  2. Credible says:

    I’m in

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  4. Michael Vazana says:

    Count me in. (email redacted)

  5. Mike says:

    I signed up; pending verification.

  6. Eric says:

    Signed up and verified

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