October 4th 2018: $100 Airline Fees, $120 Grub Hub, 4x Dining, Infinite Platinum Upgrades!

New benefits are expected to be rolled out on or near October 4th 2018 according to DoC, meaning that my next card is going to be the PRG, because of the possible new benefits leaked today:

  • 4 MR points for US Restaurants
  • 4 MR points for US Supermarkets
  • $120 annual credit for:
    • GrubHub (My Link)
    • Seamless
    • The Cheesecake Factory
    • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
    • Participating Shake Shack locations

This is on top of the $100 for airline gift cards that you got before. Sadly, the deal was pulled suddenly, Nick from FM says:

Amex has pulled these benefits as quickly as they were introduced. They showed up for some users earlier this afternoon but have now disappeared. It seems this might have gotten published early on Amex’s end. It will be very interesting to see if and when these benefits actually go live and whether those who enrolled for the $120 dining credit before the benefits were pulled from logins will get the credits.

Despite the leak, and pull, the greatest benefit is infinite upgrade opportunities for another AmEx Platinum for AD. Reader Dan writes in a previous post:

You should also get the amex premier rewards gold card (charge card with signup bonus and $100 annual airline credit ) then upgrade to a platinum 12 months later.  I upgrade my PRG to a platinum over a year ago and just this past week decided to open another PRG, which will give me $100 airline credit this year and then another platinum in 12 months. It seems as though this upgrade method will allow one to  obtain virtually unlimited platinum cards.

RWHR asked:

Dan, so are you saying you can sign up for personal PRG every year and get bonus offer and then upgrade to platinum and sign up for another PRG the next day and repeat every year?

Dan says:

yes, that’s the idea, except you can only obtain the signup bonus with your very first PRG.  the subsequent PRGs are purely so you can get the $100/yr airline credit x2 then upgrade to a platinum in 12 months.

I am actually waiting for my new PRG to come in the mail so that I can use my PRG‘s referral link to open my wife’s PRG and get the referral bonus (i think this should work but not sure).

If you got a PRG referral link, please post it below so we can all use it! Hope this was just a preview of a benefit to come soon!



7 thoughts on “October 4th 2018: $100 Airline Fees, $120 Grub Hub, 4x Dining, Infinite Platinum Upgrades!

  1. steve says:

    Hope this ends up being true. If it is, this might be my new DD along w/ limitless USAA. These MR points w/ the schwab multiplier make it a good combo.

  2. Marcus says:

    Shouldn’t you just apply for it right now? You’ve already received the bonus so you won’t receive it again and the sooner you get the card the sooner you can upgrade it to another Platinum? Plus, you can ensure that you will get the $100 credit for 2018 and 2019.

  3. Askforafriend says:

    So I just called to try and upgrade my PRG to a platinum and they told me there are no upgrades or offers currently. Is there a secret to doing the product change to a platinum from the PRG? Thanks!

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      For personal cards you got to wait one year. I made my own account for the card to be upgraded and logged in. When looking at other cards the option to upgrade will come up. Go and upgrade online, sounds like the CSR on the phone was clueless. Also when you have an online account with a platinum, the upgrade option will not come up.

  4. steve says:

    I got in a few days ago with 50k points offer, now looks like they changed it to 25k.

  5. […] was a leak last week on the new Gold Card which turned out to be a real product with details here, and 50k MR for $2k spend application […]

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