WeBull is the New Robin Hood

I guess this is the way it is going, all free trading apps that millennial idiots can lose their milk money (or inheritance from mommy and daddy) on. Chase has their “You Invest” with 100 free trades, Robinhood has their original free platform, and now we have We Bull which appers to be a direct copy of the RH model. This new site has adopted the free share for a referral from the Robin Hood model. Good reports here on some people getting a share of GOOG as shown above. I got one share of ABEV as shown below:

If you want to get a free share and toss me some shares my way, please use my link here. I also have my original RH link here.

Good luck!


PS: The referral bonus is quite instant! I just got my second ABEV:

PPS: Got my first SNAP! after 3 ABEV of course!

2 thoughts on “WeBull is the New Robin Hood

  1. RWHR says:

    Signed up with your referral. Hope you get AMZN!

  2. Mike says:

    I got the same ABEV and used your referral code.

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