Ask Sebby Takes On AD Roadmap

Well I am beside myself here, my doppelgänger, Ask Sebby, just outlined a much better approach for active duty here,  I think his approach to taking on Chase cards is much better, especially for enlisted to build up a relationship with Chase before hitting the high end $450+ cards. It is worth a view of his YouTube guide here. I had assumed everyone was starting with a dual O-4 income with 10+ years of history with Chase and AmEx. Which is not the case with a lot of the readers of this blog.

There has been no love (yet) from his YouTube or his site for my blog or my personal approach found here. It is always interesting to get a perspective from a non-military member. He describes the 5/24 like a bartender that will only serve you 5 drinks max in 2 hours, either beer or shots of liquor. He suggests take the shots first in the first 2 hours, then the beer later since there is plenty of it! Here is his order that I am suggesting now incorporating what he instructs in his video:

  1. Secure Credit Card from Discover (No AF) for 12 months to establish credit history.
  2. Freedom or Freedom Unlimited, $500 limit, prepay it to keep utilization low.
  3. CSR or CSP (then do the CSP to CSR upgrade if rejected) needs $10k minimum limit.
  4. United Explorer, United Club, SW Priority, Chase Freedom, or Freedom Unlimited
  5. Chase Hyatt 
  6. Chase IHG
  7. AmEx Platinum
  8. Business Platinum
  9. AmEx Green to Upgrade to Personal Platinum
  10. SPG Lux
  11. SPG Personal (choose personal at bottom) then Upgrade to Lux
  12. Hilton Aspire (choose at bottom)
  13. Hilton Honors then upgrade to Aspire (Select Honors At Bottom)
  14. Hilton Ascend then upgrade to Aspire (select Ascend at bottom)
  15. Delta Platinum
  16. Delta Reserve (select at bottom)
  17. Delta Gold (select gold at bottom) then Upgrade To Reserve #2

Keep in mind the restrictions that are outlined here by Frequent Miler for the SPG/Marriott Cards.

It is therefore advised by both myself and Ask Sebby to NOT APPLY for the Marriott Plus Card if you do not have the SPG Lux or SPG Personal first. Unless you want to wait two years to get or or the other. Thanks to Mr. Sebby for the better approach for everyone from E-1 to O-10!


9 thoughts on “Ask Sebby Takes On AD Roadmap

  1. Alex says:

    I don’t think tubers like Asksebby are aware of smaller military-affiliated blogs like this, or probably would have at least given some credit to you. However, his main focus from his videos is mainly credit usage, lounge, and credit card reviews, along with some other random news.

    He had previously covered SCRA when those benefits started to become publicly known regarding Amex, and then posted about Chase’s MOS waivers a few months later (I had assumed that his anecdotes of multiple Platinum card utilizations were from you). Perhaps he had only heard of this now, and subsequently posted useful update for younger servicemembers who may not always be as savvy as officers. However, for being a civilIan, he manages to still conduct a lot of research into what counts as the waivers, for us, what doesn’t, then lays out a specific plan of action for them to establish a strong card base over a number of years.

    Perhaps you can contact him to have you listed as a source for the video, and perhaps gain even more readership?

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  3. Marcus says:

    I don’t understand how he expects you to be able to hold 8 AMEX Credit Cards though.

  4. Aymanem says:

    Hey there! Long time follower, first time poster!

    Based on my understanding here, the advice is to get both SPG personal and lux then upgrade the personal to a second lux after a year? With this plan, your 5 Amex credit cards would be SPG personal/lux and Hilton aspire/honors/ascend all upgraded to the highest form after a year. Or adding a Delta card in the mix if chosen.

    Would this concept work for CSR too? Wife is 2/24 with CSP/CSR and 2 CIP. What is stopping her from getting a freedom and upgrading both the CSP and freedom to a total of 3 CSR?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      That was the other thing I was thinking! I have no datapoint since I am locked out due to 5/24. But his video said you could move chase freedom, unlimited as well as the slate to CSR! I think it’s worth a try to get three CSRs

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