Two Hours To MS With Coins Again!

Update: Right at 1200 ET the site slowed to a crawl and errors popped up on check out. When I tried to load my saved credit card, it got stuck, by the time it processed the coin was gone:

Oh well! I gave it the old college try! Comment below if it worked out for you!

Remember the Hunt Brothers and Silver Thursday? They tried to buy up every piece of silver in 1980, but failed and lost a shit ton of money. Well in about two hours I guess some rich asshole is trying to buy up all 15,000 Proof Palladium Coins at $1,387.50 a pop. It would cost him or her $20,812,500 to buy every coin directly from the mint, but the catch is the mint will only sell one coin per household.

Here comes in PFS Buying Club, who is now offering a $50.55 premium on each coin that you sell back to them. I am doing this for the MS opportunity, but I really want to buy one for myself since the same 2017 coin is selling for about $2,000. However the coin is listed for less at other sites:

I wrote the article here describing the whole experience. Hit me up below for a referral if you want to get some spend on your credit cards and make a few bucks! I am suspecting a site like or are going to buy the coins from the buying club and resell the coins. In fact, the product is already listed on the APMEX site despite not having any inventory:

When the VIX jumps in the future they can certainly sell these things for a sweet profit as the doomsday prepers come out of the woodwork. Lots of overhead here, by the time some one gets the coin form APMEX they had to pay me, the shipping both ways, the mark up that PFS charges, then the mark up from APMEX. In the end, I really don’t care who is buying them as long as I get my sweet SPG Marriott points for $5k spend. So, get your browsers ready, opt in for the deal, and hope we get some of these coins!



6 thoughts on “Two Hours To MS With Coins Again!

  1. Michael Vazana says:

    I am playing along with this. Purchased the coin actually at 1159 and by 1201 had already sent the confirmation code to PFS. We will see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. uiucderp2011 says:

    dang, both Captain select and I got stuck on the check out, and it was gone by 12:05 ET

  3. Himo Yu says:

    worked out for me! Order done 12:01 (credit card number didn’t auto pop up after selecting so had to quickly manually put in)
    Thx for the hot tip! Now only ~2500+ to go on Hilton Aspite (sucks for me, the sign up bonus just increased to 150k… applied 2 weeks to early 🙁

  4. Michael Vazana says:

    I needed this maneuver since I opened the Morgan Stanley platinum and needed 5k in 3 months and then all of a sudden the SPG Luxe card had that three day window. I couldn’t let that slip and that is another 5k in 3 months. Lol. Over extended but we make money moves…

  5. Michael Vazana says:

    To update. It was legit. Got paid a day after they received it. And an FYI, the same coins are going for over $2200.00 on eBay.

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