6.5% Back at Costco With Executive Membership, Mobile Pay and U.S. Bank Altitude

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I sure feel like an idiot here because I have been using my Citibank Costco Anywhere Visa for a sweet 2% cash back in warehouse. I thought I was smart, when I realized I could get 2.5% with USAA Limitless, but today DoC made me feel like a complete dumbass with this article. It was right there the whole time. I could use my U.S. Bank Altitude card and get 3x points worth 1.5 cents per point in travel using Apple Pay in warehouse. This would would mean 4.5% cash back on top of the 2% I get on executive for a sweet 6.5% off all of my Costco shopping. This is better than the 6% I currently get with AmEx Blue Cash Preferred on groceries.

Now to get into all of this you need to follow this plan, currently you have to have a U.S. Bank relationship in order to get the Altitude Card. The Altitude has MLA waiver for new accounts after Sept 2017. This means that you get this $400 annual fee waived, and U.S. Bank will pay you $325 on travel every year to have this card (including airline tickets)!

On top of that there is an offer for military to join Costco by giving out free coupons worth $60 for the first year, and then U.S. bank is offering $200 to open an account. So all of these deals means super stacking time:

  1. Read the DoC article here on opening a U.S. Bank Checking account for $200 bonus
  2. Spend $50 for 4 months to get a $50 bonus each month using their debit card
  3. Buy an iPhone or Samsung Phone(look here if you want a cheap one)
  4. Apply for the U.S. Bank Altitude card here (public link)
  5. Obtain a Costco membership certificate here
  6. Go to Costco and use the cert for either a basic membership or Executive for another 2% off (I did exec)
  7. Every time you check out use your Apple Pay or Samsung Pay at the terminal for 4.5% cash back

I still use my Citi Anywhere Costco Card for the 4% off on gas at Costco which is often cheaper than base gas. I then use my Blue Cash Preferred (referral link here) for 6% at the commissary. For everything else I am getting 2.5% cash back with my USAA Limitless card.

I should be set for a life of cash back now!


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