100,000 IHG Offer In App (Not My Link)

Thanks to reader RWHR for an even better link for 100k and $50 found here: https://www.doctorofcredit.com/chase-ihg-premier-100000-point-offer/

Right now my referral link only gives 80K, but in the IHG app you can get the 100k offer. I put the 100k link here if you don’t want to search in the app. Also reader Lex787 writes:

Recently I read somewhere about possibility to apply for second IHG card – as it is considered a new product. Since me and my wife both have old IHG cards and didn’t convert them yet, I had hopes to get approved. After submitting application for myself and getting approved instantly I submitted app for my wife. Now we have 4 IHG cards to get those free certificates. So another way to stack hotel certificates.

I have the old IHG card from July 2017 with the unrestricted free night that I intend to use for the Willard Intercontinental in Washington DC:

Not sure if I will keep the card open after redeeming this night because I am on the hook for the $49 annual fee since I got the card after I joined, but before Sept 2017 (MLA cutoff). However I would still get an annual free night for any property up to 40k a night so I think I might hold on to it to extend my credit history.

I applied in the app link and was put on pending. I thought it was because I was being LOL/24, but I was approved once I called recon at 1-888-270-2127 and shifted some credit around form my existing cards:

Iberia $32,700.00
Ritz $10,000.00
IHG $1,500.00
Mariott $7,500.00
United Club $5,000.00
Prime $9,000.00
Hyatt $2,000.00
Total: $67,700.00

They took $5,000 from my Iberia and I was then approved! On the new IHG Premier card I would get the $89 annual fee waived because of the MLA coverage. On top of that I would get 5k IHG on adding an AU, Platinum Elite Status, every 4th night free when redeeming points, as well as another 40k free night cert. I don’t intend to earn anything on the card, but it does earn 10x at IHG, 2x at Gas, Groceries, and Dining.

Not bad, for $49 a year I will get 2 free nights at any IHG property up to 40k which is most Hotel Indigos (Including the Chicago Gold Coast One) in America and Intercontinental hotels abroad. Seems to come in handy for road trips, but certainly not worth it if I had to pay $89 for it. Any good use for the certs INCONUS? Please comment below!


2 thoughts on “100,000 IHG Offer In App (Not My Link)

  1. RWHR says:

    Here’s a better deal that is still working from doctor of credit with $50 statement credit


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