SPG LUX Datapoint Summary

Our Ritz Application Loophole worked! Despite having the Ritz card, I was able to get the SPG Lux bonus. Once I hit my $5,000 spend I was issued the 100k points on the AmEx site, showing up as YTD points earned:

Once the statement was paid the points showed up in my account along with my 55k from your referrals (thanks for the support):

On the player 2 side, my wife converted her SPG Personal to an SPG lux over the phone. She should have waited for an upgrade offer of 100k, but we were pressed for time as she had an upcoming girl’s trip to the Ritz in Toronto. We asked for the 100k, but no such offer existed for her upgrade. Some other readers report being patient and having the offer suddenly appear. She had booked the ritz with the old points system before August for 50K points per night. She spent $262.11 on breakfast and lunch in room dining and charged it to the room:

The charges were credited less than a week later:

She will have another $37.89 to go on the credits till her card anniversary. On my side I had the room rate reimbursed over 3 rooms:

 Hope you guys are just as successful with your AmEx SPG Lux card! Sine we have maxed out our referrals, feel free to post your SPG Lux referrals below for other readers.


United Gift Registry Updated!!!

Time for a click-bait shit post! I was curious to see if United had done anything to revive their gift registry that we had used up to 2017 for dumping our AmEx Platinum credits. This October marks one year since the site closed its doors to the United AmEx gift card loophole. Today, I am happy to report some changes to the site!

United has dropped the red text as well as the mention of “Early 2018”

Overall it looks like United Gift Registry is gone forever. Compare this new site to the old message:

Looks like “Early 2018” has come and gone. I am prepared to hit 28 x $100 AA Gift Cards starting January 2019 to use up my AmEx Plat credits over 14 cards! Other options are $200 Southwest or $50 Delta. Other airlines you can still use for in flight amenities and baggage and upgrade fees only. However I have proven that this would be impossible to do over our collection. Don’t forget to pick a new airline coming this January!


AmEx Business Green and Gold Instant Upgrade to Platinum (No 1 year wait)

Click for direct green application

Since Active Duty military get the annual $550 fee on AmEx Platinum waived, it makes sense for us to get multiple versions of these cards to duplicate annual benefits like $200 for Uber, $200 for Airlines, $100 for Saks for each card. Some of us have maxed out all the co-branded versions with Mercedes-Benz, Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, Ameriprise, and Goldman Sachs (LOL, not me).

After that we have had to resort to getting the lower personal cards in order to upgrade them a year later to get multiple higher versions. For example I got the AmEx Green and PRG and upgraded them to the Platinum in one year. The one year wait is a provision of the Credit CARD act of 2009 that has a prohibition of changing terms and conditions within one year of a new card opening.

Turns out this law only applies to personal credit cards, business cards are excluded! This came up in the monthly /r/MilitaryMS thread here. User OrangePartyLamp writes:

There is no wait on business cards, DerpReport reader Dan writes:

as an update – after i upgraded my biz gold the other night i have opened a new biz green and biz gold for both me and my wife without issue. furthermore, even without having Received the card yet, I chatted with the CSR online asking if my account was eligible for upgrade to business platinum and they said yes

The best part is you can select a different airline for each one of your new AmEx Platinum Business card to get 35% points back when booking with the three major airlines with points! For example you select Delta and buy 4x $50 gift cards, next one you pick United (No gift cards here), then last one you pick American Airlines and buy 2x $100 gift cards. You would therefore get 35% cashback (1.5 cents per MR point) because you have a Biz Platinum selected for each airline!

I would start with getting the AmEx Biz Plat for the hefty 75,000 MR on $20k spend (try the coin churn?). Then the green (5k MR for any spend in one year), then finish with the Biz gold for 50k for $5k spend in 90 days! If you choose to upgrade the Green or Gold off the bat you would be ineligible for the 75k on Biz Platinum forever!

Use my link here to apply for all three cards, or this one direct for green, just select the choose the view other cards option to pick the card you want:

The green just takes a single buy to get 5k points, and gold is $5k for 50k MR! Just get the card and in a week or so upgrade them to another Plat for an annual $200 towards flights! I got approved right away despite Applying for both the SPG Lux and the IHG Premier in the last 90 days:

Just got to spend any amount for 5k MR:

If you don’t think you will ever do the $20k spend then go ahead and get all three this year for a sweet $600 on flights in the form of 12 x $50 Delta Gift cards or 3 x $200 Southwest gift cards or 6x $100 American Airlines Gift Cards. Then repeat every January!


In Your Mail Now: SPG Lux Bluetooth Trackers (Maybe)!

According to TPG and DoC some super lucky SPG Lux card holders are getting a TILE knockoff:

Did anyone else get one of these? A O-4 reader in Seattle got his today, I have yet to get mine. When compared to the RayBan sunglasses and 23K gold pens of the day’s of Barclay Gold Luxury Card this is hardly a “Luxury gift”.

Thanks for the $300 credit, and the free annual night though!


October 4th 2018: $100 Airline Fees, $120 Grub Hub, 4x Dining, Infinite Platinum Upgrades!

New benefits are expected to be rolled out on or near October 4th 2018 according to DoC, meaning that my next card is going to be the PRG, because of the possible new benefits leaked today:

  • 4 MR points for US Restaurants
  • 4 MR points for US Supermarkets
  • $120 annual credit for:
    • GrubHub (My Link)
    • Seamless
    • The Cheesecake Factory
    • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
    • Participating Shake Shack locations

This is on top of the $100 for airline gift cards that you got before. Sadly, the deal was pulled suddenly, Nick from FM says:

Amex has pulled these benefits as quickly as they were introduced. They showed up for some users earlier this afternoon but have now disappeared. It seems this might have gotten published early on Amex’s end. It will be very interesting to see if and when these benefits actually go live and whether those who enrolled for the $120 dining credit before the benefits were pulled from logins will get the credits.

Despite the leak, and pull, the greatest benefit is infinite upgrade opportunities for another AmEx Platinum for AD. Reader Dan writes in a previous post:

You should also get the amex premier rewards gold card (charge card with signup bonus and $100 annual airline credit ) then upgrade to a platinum 12 months later.  I upgrade my PRG to a platinum over a year ago and just this past week decided to open another PRG, which will give me $100 airline credit this year and then another platinum in 12 months. It seems as though this upgrade method will allow one to  obtain virtually unlimited platinum cards.

RWHR asked:

Dan, so are you saying you can sign up for personal PRG every year and get bonus offer and then upgrade to platinum and sign up for another PRG the next day and repeat every year?

Dan says:

yes, that’s the idea, except you can only obtain the signup bonus with your very first PRG.  the subsequent PRGs are purely so you can get the $100/yr airline credit x2 then upgrade to a platinum in 12 months.

I am actually waiting for my new PRG to come in the mail so that I can use my PRG‘s referral link to open my wife’s PRG and get the referral bonus (i think this should work but not sure).

If you got a PRG referral link, please post it below so we can all use it! Hope this was just a preview of a benefit to come soon!



The First $400 Derp Report WeBull Challenge (01 November 2018 to 01 May 2019)

BLUF: Each WeBull account comes with $1,000,000 in fake cash. I say we compete with it for real prizes!

Forget fantasy football, how about fantasy millionaire? How about a game of WeBull Practice with some real gift card prizes? For those that sign up using my link you are eligible to win from me (after proper reporting):

  1. First Prize: One (1) digital $250 Southwest Airlines gIft card (Thanks to AmEx Hilton Aspire)
  2. Second Prize: One (1) digital $100 American Airlines gift card (Thanks to AmEx Platinum)
  3. Third Prize: One (1) Physical $50 Saks Fifth Avenue gift card (Thanks to AmEx Platinum)

Thanks to all the readers who signed up for Webull using my link here:


I ended up getting 7 ABEV and 1 SNAP so far. The best feature of WeBull over RobinHood is the ability to practice trading with $1,000,000 of play money. I say we have enough of a readership to have a friendly competition. To be eligible to win one of the three prizes, you will need to sign up with my link (of which I can check my referrals on the app). To join the game you need to do these steps:

  1. Sign up for WeBull using my link
  2. Verify email and documents (Passport or DL) with WeBull
  3. You will get one free share, and I will get one with your sign up (these do not count for the game)
  4. We are using the practice segment of the app for this game, do not use your actual money for this
  5. DO NOT START (practice) TRADING until 09:30 Eastern Time on Thursday 01 November 2018
  6. Comment below so that I can have your email, and your consent to post your holdings monthly
  7. Report on the first of every month on current holdings and balance with screen shots emailed to me
  8. I will have a monthly leaderboard, so please allow me to report to the group how you are doing

Winners will be judged by total portfolio value including cash value on the close of the NYSE on 16:00 on Wednesday 01 May 2019. Keep in mind:

  • This is a friendly game so no need to be shady with photoshop or hacking the app
  • If I don’t have 10 people participating, the game is no fun and will be canceled
  • Have fun first, prizes later
  • Should we have a prize for last possible place?

Hope you all participate!


WeBull is the New Robin Hood

I guess this is the way it is going, all free trading apps that millennial idiots can lose their milk money (or inheritance from mommy and daddy) on. Chase has their “You Invest” with 100 free trades, Robinhood has their original free platform, and now we have We Bull which appers to be a direct copy of the RH model. This new site has adopted the free share for a referral from the Robin Hood model. Good reports here on some people getting a share of GOOG as shown above. I got one share of ABEV as shown below:

If you want to get a free share and toss me some shares my way, please use my link here. I also have my original RH link here.

Good luck!


PS: The referral bonus is quite instant! I just got my second ABEV:

PPS: Got my first SNAP! after 3 ABEV of course!

Q4 To Do List

It seems like every year the best offers come out for October to December just to boost sales. Here are the many things I need to do before the year is up:

  1. Status Match my United Silver to Alaska MVP
  2. Status Match Small Lux Hotels of the World to Hyatt Discoverist
  3. Sign up for the Marriott Mega Bonus
  4. Hit the 150k Hilton Ascend bonus
  5. Hit the Hilton Honors 100k with $100 bonus
  6. Hit the SPG Biz 90k with $100 bonus
  7. Sign up for a free share with WeBull
  8. Hit the new US Bank Leverage Card
  9. City National Bank Crystal Visa

I don’t think I have enough time to hit all the deals. Any one have experience with MLA from City National Bank?


Hit Chase Before 5/24 Spreads!

The recent (and sudden) shutdown of the Rtiz Card as well as the increase to a 48 month limitation on the Sapphire products shows that the 5/24 blanket rule is about to come! I went ahead and got myself the IHG Premier card and got a letter this week saying my MLA coverage was successful. I got the MLA letter before the card ever showed up. This means I get one free night and the annual fee waived for my IHG card due to my active duty status.

If you are LOL/24 (way over 5 cards in 24 months) then its time to apply for these products before the hammer comes down:

  1. IHG Premier (My Link Here, but better offer of 100k and $50 out there)
  2. Hyatt Card (My Link Here & Here)

The other non-5/24 restricted cards can be found here, but none offer an annual benefit and therefore do not fit with my churn plan.

Get on it!


Updates on Hitting Chase Hard

Hello from the beautiful Grand Hyatt San Antonio on the River Walk! I was good to see all those readers at both the IAH Centurion Lounge as well as at the AAOMR conference!

There has been some significant updates causing me to update my churning plan. There is still no love from Sebastian Fung from Ask Sebby, I reached out to him after he posted a video on how Active Duty Military should be churning, He brought up some good points that I commented on in my feature of his blog post here. I am going to update my guide found here to reflect these two new revelations:

His video has this slide that sums it up:

I also found out the 12 month rule that prevents upgrading any US card is due to the 2009 CARD act that prohibits changes in the terms of a credit card for the first year. All these new discoveries have given me this humble churn plan for the new service member. Note: that this strategy would not be good for those that are not covered by the MLA or SCRA since you would be on the hook for several thousand dollars in annual fees alone.

Low Experience Credit Card Holders Start here:

  1. Secure Credit Card from Discover (No AF) for 12 months to establish credit history.
  2. Freedom or Freedom Unlimited, $500 limit, prepay it mid cycle to keep utilization low.

For the more experienced with good credit history pick 5 of these card that are 5/24 restricted (try to maximize annual fee waiver only for Active Duty Military Members, Spouses and Dependent Children(Per MLA)):

  1. Chase Sapphire Reserve
  2. United Club Card
  3. Southwest Priority Card or Southwest Premier Card or Southwest Plus Card
  4. Chase Freedom (Upgrade to #2 CSR in 1 year)
  5. Chase Freedom Unlimited (Upgrade to #3 CSR in 1 year)
  6. Chase Marriott Premier Plus (Wait 24 months to then get AmEx SPG Lux bonus)

My choice for my first 5 would be: CSR, Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, United Club, and Southwest Priority. This would result in $900 in travel credit over 3 CSR cards (by upgrading both freedom cards), Annual United Lounge Access and Star Alliance lounges overseas when flying on *A airlines. $75 and 7,500 points on Southwest credit per year, 4 SW priority boardings per year.

Next I would hit either the non 5/24 restricted Chase Cards, US Bank Cards, or AmEx.

Chase Non 5/24:

  1. Chase Hyatt 
  2. Chase IHG

These give you elite status and one free night per respective hotel group.

AmEx CHARGE Cards (No Limit)

  1. AmEx Platinum
  2. Business Platinum
  3. AmEx Green then Upgrade to Personal Platinum
  4. AmEx Gold then Upgrade to Personal Platinum
  5. Other AmEx Platinum Cards: Morgan Stanley, Ameriprise, Charles Schwab and Goldman Sachs
  6. Ameriprise Gold to Ameriprise Platinum in one year
  7. Gold AmEx Business to upgrade to another Busisness

I am working on all of this, because there is no limit. Each Personal Platinum gives you $100 for Saks 5th, $200 on Delta, AA, or Southwest Gift Cards, $200 on Uber. AmEx Business gives you one airline that will get 35% points back when redeeming your MR points resulting in 1.5 cents per point. Each Business Platinum gives 10 GoGo wifi passes and another  $200 Airline Gift Card reimbursement (no Sacks 5th or Uber credit).

Keep in mind the gift card reimbursement from AmEx is a hack, and not officially covered, so follow the guides here: AA, Southwest, and Delta. NEVER EVER ASK AMEX ABOUT GIFT CARDS. Between my wife and I, we currently have 12 Personal Platinums and 3 Business platinums. They are as follows: 2x Original Plat, 2x Mercedes-Benz, 2x PRG Upgraded to Plat, 2x Schwab, 2x Morgan Stanley, One Green Turned to Platinum, One Ameriprise Platinum, 2x Business Platinum, One Gold Biz turned Plat. This means $3,000 in airlines, $2,400 in Uber, $1,200 in Saks 5th, 30 GoGo WiFI in flight passes. This took 5 years over 2 active duty members to achieve so take your time!

AmEx CREDIT Cards (5 Limit over both Personal and Business)

  1. SPG Lux
  2. SPG Personal (choose personal at bottom) then Upgrade to Lux
  3. Hilton Aspire (choose at bottom)
  4. Hilton Honors then upgrade to Aspire (Select Honors At Bottom)
  5. Hilton Ascend then upgrade to Aspire (select Ascend at bottom)
  6. Delta Platinum
  7. Delta Reserve (select at bottom)
  8. Delta Gold (select gold at bottom) then Upgrade To Reserve #2

My ideal selections are (IN ORDER): SPG Lux, SPG Personal, Hilton Aspire, Ascend, and Honors. Then upgrade all the lesser cards to SPG Lux or Hilton Aspire (respectively). This results in an annual gain with $750 in Hilton Resort Credit, $750 in airline gift cards, $600 for SPG hotels and 5 free nights per year! I find the Delta first class companion cert to be really hard to use from Chicago, but you can certainly get multiple of these to max the companion ticket each year form Delta Reserve.

Then the humble and forgotten US Bank Altitude card for the $325 in travel credit.

I hope that is a better plan, I should update the guide and make it a sticky on the front page bu the end of this week.