SPG Luxury Opens Aug 23, Apply Before the 26 Aug Rules Apply

Here are the three dates that are important for the SPG & Marriott Merger:

This means you can get the 125k Marriott point bonus with $5k spend despite having the Ritz card, if you get the SPG Lux card between the days of 23 and 26 Aug 2018!

This is great news for me, and here is my new plan:

  • Close my SPG Biz Card ASAP to open up a slot (I have Delta Plat & Reserve, Blue Cash Preferred, and HHonors)
  • Apply for SPG Lux on 23 Aug
  • Make the $5k spend in 90 days for 125k Marriott
  • Upgrade My Wife’s SPG personal since she would be ineleigible for the bonus (i’m keeping her under 5/24)
  • Enjoy $600 in hotel credits as well as 2 free nights at a 50k hotel (Ritz Chicago) every year over two cards.

If you are in a situation where you have the Ritz card or any of these rules:

Then you only got three days to get the SPG Lux between 23 and 26 Aug to get the bonus before these draconian anti-churn rules take place!



6 Responses to SPG Luxury Opens Aug 23, Apply Before the 26 Aug Rules Apply

  1. Have we confirmed that just because one applies before 26Aug that one is eligible for the bonus despite having say the Ritz Carlton card?

    • I called to cancel my SPG Biz and asked that very question. They had no comment regarding it so I am just going to go for it! No hard Data this will work yet!

  2. Man I was thinking it would be nice if the Ritz card offered 3 club level upgrades/year to any Marriott/spg brand hotels instead of only ritz..that would make the card so much more powerful with the downgrades in status

  3. Planning to apply for lux card on 23rd. But got another question – no matter how hard I search cannot find a definite answer about application restrictions for amex. My situation is that I got approved for green card on jul 1s, and MS plat card on 8th jul – both of those charge cards. How are my chances of getting approved for spg lux cc ? Thanks

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