Existing SPG Card Holders: Check Your Anniversary Date

It’s a bummer that SPG and AmEx is restricting the sign up bonus for their new SPG Luxury Card for any existing user of their Chase Marriott, Chase Ritz or AmEx SPG Cards according to this chart:

The bonus is not small potatoes either, it is rumored to be 75k for the personal and business SPG products and 125k fo the SPG Lux according to DoC, and the release date has been push back to after 18 August 2018 as well! The only saving grace is the fact that we are all going to get the conus night for our existing SPG cards according to this email received today:

Annual Free Night Award: Card Members whose Card account anniversary dates are on or after August 1 will be eligible to receive their annual Free Night Award (redemption level at or under 35,000 points) at a participating hotel. Select hotels have resort fees.

I went ahead and checked my existing SPG personal account and it was opened on September of 2015. If I can upgrade the SPG card to the Luxury on 18 Aug 2018, then I can get $300 Marriott Cash, and a 50k free night without a hard pull on my credit. This would also save me from my route to 0/24 in 2019!

Now on the Chase Marriott Side, here are my dates of opening:

  1. My card opened June 2015 (As Ritz)
  2. Wife’s card opened July 2015
  3. Mom’s card opened Dec 2016

Since I held back from upgrading to the Marriott Premier plus, I am eligible to get the bonus on the SPG Biz card for my wife (since she never had the card before). On the back side since it has been 24 months since my mom’s last Marriott card bonus, she can close her Marriott card and get the bonus for the Marriott Premier Plus after she opens her own SPG cards from AmEx. This has become a very intracate game of chess with two banks!

On a side note, all of this drama has incentivized me to consider trying to get back to 0/24 myself.

I made it an entire quarter without getting a new card! If I can make it to January of 2020 I should be prime to get a Chase card such as my own CSR, then wait a month to get my own Southwest, then Marriott Premier Plus (closing out my Marriott Premier in the process), Freedom, and another Southwest card for the companion pass. More ideas found here (keep in mind no MLA waivers for business cards).

How are you guys going ot manage these new SPG Marriott Chase AmEx rules? Comment below!

One thought on “Existing SPG Card Holders: Check Your Anniversary Date

  1. J says:

    I’ve got the SPG biz, Ritz and Marriott PP. I think I’m going to hold out until the 25th and hope the SPG lux goes live before the 26th to grab that bonus, maybe the personal card also. Otherwise I’ll pull the trigger on the SPG personal before the 26th. Didn’t realize the lux card got delayed, was checking frantically yesterday and today. At 3 amex cc’s so gotta pick between Hilton, Marriott and delta perks.

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