AmEx Plat $50 Saks Bonus: Gift Cards Work When Bought In Person

I got the datapoint I was looking for regarding reimbursement for $50 Gift cards under the new Saks 5th Ave Deal with Personal Platinum:

  1. I added the Saks Deal to my AmEx Personal Platinum (referral link here)
  2. I then linked my card to Ebates for 4% cashback
  3. I then bought a $50 gift card in store and had the charge reimburse two days later

Next step is to hit up the rest of the cards and merge all these $50 cards together into a giant gift card, but I will have to do this in January as I tapped out the other 12 cards on stupid crap.


6 thoughts on “AmEx Plat $50 Saks Bonus: Gift Cards Work When Bought In Person

  1. steve says:

    rats, i just bought some food with this. good dp

  2. steve says:

    i bought some pistachios and brownies online. The shipping alone was almost the price of the food. Still less than 50$ on my 2 plats

  3. […] I for one, would go into a Saks Fifth location (not OFF Saks) and buy a $200 gift card and split it over 4 AmEx Platinum cards. My O-6 friend did this in Hawaii and all 4 cards got the credit. You could attempt a $400 card split over 8 cards, but I think that would raise some alarms. I for one have done a single $50 card in the store and got reimbursed no problem. […]

  4. […] stacked with EBATES, and shipped for free via shop runner. Now that I have a proven datapoint $50 gift cards work in person , as well as another from my O-6 friend in Hawaii who got a $200 gift card split over 4 Plat cards […]

  5. […] previously posted on going in person to Saks Fifth Avenue in Chicago and buying multiple gift cards with the charges split over several cards. My goal is to have these […]

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