Churning Restrictions Come to AmEx SPG Cards

BLUF: If you have the Chase Ritz Card, you wont get the BONUS for the SPG Lux. You can get the card, but no bonus!

I was all ready to get my SPG Luxury Card this coming Wednesday 01 Aug 2018 only to be hit by this news posted on view from the wing.

Turns out AmEx and Chase will be sharing their lists of current card holders and bonus dates with each other in determining who will get a bonus or who will not. Since both my wife and I just got the Ritz Card, and we have no intention of ever giving it up, we will never ever be eligible for the SPG Luxury Bonus (which might be really crappy anyways). However it still benefits me in getting the card since it would give me a free 50k night and $300 credit per year.

This new rule is great for all you Starriott Virgins out there that don’t have any of the Chase products or previous SPG product. The bonus restrictions extend to the basic bitch Marriott Cards as well:

The new restriction has relieved me of the burden of getting a new card just for the bonus. I am going to simply product change my wife’s SPG personal card to the new SPG Luxury card so she can achieve 4/24 in July of 2019. 

In the mean time I am going to sit on the sidelines and watch ya’ll churn. Fee free to share any datapoints of these sweet cards everyone has out there!


4 thoughts on “Churning Restrictions Come to AmEx SPG Cards

  1. Andrew says:

    Man this is brutal…so you can’t have both the Ritz AND SPG Amex Luxury card.

    I’ve got the Ritz and will prob keep that over the SPG Amex luxury card based on the flexibility of the $300 but this kind of restriction is unheard of

  2. Andrew says:

    Oh thanks for the clarification!

  3. Andrew Sheep says:

    Agree with you, Imma upgrade both my SPG personal and wifey’s SPG personal to the lux for the $300 credits. I don’t know, Marriott points don’t go very far, so even though we’re out 250k points, it’s still not that many nights.

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